Friday, February 27, 2009

I Found It!!!

Yahoo is all I can say. Yesterday, while at Walmart to purchase some socks for the girly girls, I found the perfect pair of shoes for Sammy's new DAFOs! They fit over her braces and they are just really cute -- black with a thick white sole and white stitching. I think they are actually boy shoes, but who cares? They are cute. Yippee. No more HUGE pink slippers. If I had a camera, I would certainly take a picture of her in her new black tennis shoes. But, until we get that camera, this old picture will have to do.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love That Dog

If you haven't read Love That Dog by Sharon Creech, do. Go to the library. Don't even take the time to check it out. Sit down in the aisle and read it. It takes about 15-20 minutes. Sure it's 86 pages long, but the format is a quick read. QUICK.

A friend of mine (thanks Brittney) gave me her copy to read. When I saw her tonight, she asked if I had read it. She so enthusiastically asked me, that I felt a little sheepish when I replied, "No, I haven't yet. But I really want to." Well, when I got home, I put Callie to bed and got her book out. Like I said, it was a quick read, but it was so great. Really great. I even teared up.

Love That Dog is written in the voice of a young boy -- I would say an elementary school aged boy. He writes in his school journal responses to poetry that his teacher introduces and reads to the class. Along the way, he writes some of his own and learns that not only can he write poetry, but he enjoys it. I was surprised that in such few words, I was able to really love this young boy. I think it's because his character is a reflection of most all kids -- his attitudes, his discoveries, and his love for his dog. I also loved this book because it is yet another example of how a writer can pack so much in to such a small amount of space. Perfect word choice is what makes a good book great. Love that book!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Free Subs

I know you've probably all heard already, but if you haven't...Quiznos is giving away free subs. Click here to get your free coupon emailed to you. (You must use it within 5 days.)

Maybe That's Why

I just figured out the following:

If an average month has 30 days, minus Saturday and Sunday -- making 22 working days....

I take Samantha to 20-22 therapy sessions a month.

Maybe that's why I'm a little tired and stressed.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Funny Kids

One thing I love about kids, and my kids in particular, are all the little facial expressions you get from them.

In picture #1, we have our little precocious Callie.
Picture #2, joyful and goofy Callie as she tries to make the "th" sound.
Picture #3 we find Sammy not just joyful, but overjoyed that she has my keys.
And finally, picture #4, nervous contentment -- as if she's thinking "I'm perfectly happy and think it's ok to be eating Mommy's keys. But does she think it's ok?"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Worst Possible Scenario

Some of you know that I love writing. Last year I attended the BYU Writer's Conference and that was incredible. I loved every minute of it, and if I can swing it, I'd love to go again this year. I've started about 6 novels. Started. Finished? Nope, I said "started." I'm not sure how to finish them. Mainly, I have a good idea, but I then I don't really know where to go with it...things change. I've lost my vision too many times. So, I pose this question and earnestly seek any suggestions:

* What is the worst possible scenario that you can imagine for a teenager?
* What is a teenager's biggest fear?
* What is the worst thing that could ever happen for a high school kid?

It can be funny or sad or scary or whatever. I have had some thoughts, like I said, I've started about 6 novels, but it's not getting me anywhere. So, tell me. Think back. It could be something you experienced, or a friend, or completely hypothetical. And hey, if your idea sparks something and I get published, I'll dedicate it to you. And, if a movie is made from the book, you can walk the red carpet with me! (Didn't I just post about big dreams the other day? Well, a girl can't just have one. And if I do win that house in Sonoma, I need to have the big bucks to pay for living a movie made after my book is actually quite appropriate considering the current situation of dreams.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Is It Too Much To Ask?

I want to win the HGTV Home Giveaway! Sonoma, CA -- in the middle of wine country. Sure I don't drink the wine, but living in a really really nice area wouldn't be so bad, would it? Plus, Ted and Peggy (bro. and sis-in-law) live in CA now too, and of course most of Marcus's family. And who can complain about the weather there? hmmm?

Marcus knows that one of the components of my dream home is to have a nice porch with a swing. Check out this porch. Very swing worthy. The perfect porch in fact.

I love the detail on the house. Ah, it is gorgeous -- completely my style. I love this back patio too. I love being outside. And when we have friends and family over, I'd love to entertain in the back yard...but not just any backyard. This backyard!:) Well, we'll see. But isn't it cute? A little room to run around (not enough room to run around if you ask me...but there's enough), a nice table to sit, eat, and chat, and check out the BBQ! I'm definitely the BBQ cook in our home. I love to BBQ! I guess my dad really rubbed off on me on that one. And then there's the grapevines. Nice touch being in Sonoma and all. But really, I'd want to downsize the grapes -- though I would definitely keep some -- and use part of that plot for a real vegetable garden. I can't wait to have my own garden one day -- green peppers, cucumber, watermelon, green beans, mmmm.

Oh, if only I could win this house. Wouldn't that be just fabulous though? Really! Of the millions and millions of people who send in their name, hoping to win, what if I won? Wow. What a dream!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad Luck

Some people have bad luck with computers. Take, for instance, my parents. No matter how new a computer is, my dad will have a problem with it. And not just an I-don't-know-stuff-about-computers problem...but something more along the lines of need-to-hire-someone-to-fix-it problem. It's a curse. Others have problems with, say, love. It's tragic, but we all know people who just can't seem to make it work, yet, with relationships. This is different, I suppose, because the bad luck is really just the fact that they haven't found the right person. Some have bad luck with cars. Others have bad luck with health -- they are always getting sick. Well, my friends, Marcus and I officially have bad luck with cameras.

Perhaps this won't fully illustrate our frustration, but when we got married, my dad gave us a camera. We grew fond of this little camera, but sure enough, it stopped functioning at it's best and caused me too much frustration. So, my dad, out of love, surprised us and bought us a new camera. Nikon Coolpix. It wasn't Ashton Kutcher's stellar commercials that pulled my dad in, it was the great deal at Sam's Club and the fact that it really is a nice camera. We used this baby everyday. Until Saturday night that is. It will not turn on. Correction: It will not stay on for more than a few seconds. We have tried everything, but I'm afraid another camera is going to the grave. This time, she only lasted about 6 months. I don't drop cameras. I don't throw them. I don't accidentally put them in through a wash cycle. There is no abuse of any kind to my memory catching friends. But somehow, they always decide to desert me right when I need them most.
Marcus told me that if we got a good tax return, we could buy a camera. I want a really nice camera. One that I can take really really good pictures with. Ya know, when you can focus on one object and it's fuzzy in the background and stuff? Wouldn't that be cool?! But the truth is, if I'm saying I want the kind of camera that focuses in on one object and leaves the background fuzzy, I'm obviously not at the point in my photography skills to get one of those. But, don't you need one like that to practice, to learn, to develop the photography skills of a champion? Or perhaps I need to just have a good everyday camera, and take some classes before I dive in and get a great one? hmmm Plus, a really great one may be too pricey.

So, I need help. We filed our taxes today and Marcus agreed to get a new camera. But, we don't know a price range yet because we're not sure what's realistic. Any suggestions? I need one that will stay with me in the long haul. None of this 6 month business. I've also really enjoyed the video feature. It's helped a lot not having to bring a video camera everywhere we go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

With that said, we may not have any new pictures posted for awhile. Sorry. I know you're all crying inside.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

In preparation for Valentine's Day, the girls made some cards. Sammy was so excited to color the marker, she colored everything she could...the heart-shaped card, the phone book, and my hand.

And Callie with her one sock, was able to hold the marker quite well. I was impressed with her coloring skills.

Words of Wisdom

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's one of those days when Samantha is crying a ton (so she's crying in her crib because I need a serious break), Callie is melting down every 5 seconds (so she's crying in her crib because I need a serious break), and the apartment is a mess from everything that Hurricanes Sammy and Callie have picked up and dropped (and I'm at the computer posting because I need a serious break). I just didn't have the emotional energy to pick up everything over and over again. It's only 11:30am, so it may be a long day. I think when Marcus gets home we'll eat dinner and I'll go to bed.

So, with such a lovely day, I thought I'd give myself a reminder of why my kids make me happy. (Plus, I've had a request to see some more this works well for 2 of us.) It's amazing how this works for me...even with the serenading cries in the background, these pictures make my heart a little softer and bring a sincere smile to my face. Then I feel like I can get them out of their cribs and give them the compassion they are waiting for.

Here goes our dive into cuteness. We admittedly have far fewer pictures of Sammy lately as we've made an effort to get more pictures of Callie. I'll work on the balance thing sometime in my life.

I love Sammy and Callie all dressed up for church.

Callie with her new backpack, which she loves! A friend gave it to us. Thanks April!

Callie with her backpack and baby. Things are right in the world.

Love that little grin.

Sammy playing with the blinds, before she ripped them all out.

A woman in our ward made these cute hats for the girls. Thanks Lovena.
Callie isn't so sure about it.

But Sammy's all smiles. She must like those braids on the side.

Playing together.

Cuteness all around.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In My Defense

I try not to cackle. And, AFV isn't all that hilarious. It makes me giggle, but I don't laugh like this throughout the entire show. However, it never fails that there's one that really gets me. This time, it was a montage of animals attacking elephant's trunk hit a little boy in the face, some kind of animal (I think it was a monkey) grabbed a little boy's t-shirt and the look of fear was just so funny, and what finally made me go over the edge was a woman holding her child, sitting in a car, when 2 giraffe stick their heads through the car windows and stick out their tongue. She was surrounded by black giraffe tongue, and her face was just cackle worthy. My goodness. The fact that I laugh so hard because of other people's fear and troubles probably makes my character questionable, but it's AFV. And all it takes is one good clip to make me lose it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jenny and America's Funniest Home Videos

So, every Sunday night, we record America's Funniest Home Videos and watch it after the kiddos go to bed. Jenny watches it because she enjoys watching the videos. I watch it because I enjoy watching Jenny watch the videos. This past Sunday, I pulled out the video camera and decided I wanted to share with the entire blogosphere why I enjoy watching AFV with Jenny.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Problems Problems

There are many problems I have. I recently admitted I have a hard time not getting the giggles when I discipline Callie. I'm not that bad. But it happens. Now, here is another problem that I solved today.

The Problem
Here, the blinds are shut. The girls tear a new one down each day. It's fun for them, frustrating for us.

The Solution
Put up drapes and take down the rest of the vertical blinds.

New Problem
Oops. Guess I should have measured it before putting it up. I wanted to get it done before Marcus got home. It got done, but not so well.

The Solution
We don't care. If you don't care, I guess it's not a problem now is it?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Have a Problem

Nearly every time I try to discipline Callie in any way, I laugh. I don't know what it is about her. But this could prove to cause serious problems in the future. We're trying to teach her not to play with the computer keyboard because she can reach it...and it's a pain. Just now, she reached up and started hitting the keys. I looked down and said, "Callie, no." She looked at me, pursed her lips together, and said, "no no no no no no." I had to cover my mouth with my hand and try to keep my eyes looking stern. This is very tricky. Overall, I am getting better, but there is something about this girl that makes me crack all too often. Oh to have cute kids. What's a mom to do?

not a recent picture, but one of my all time favorites of Callie

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Unwritten Law

Many many years ago, in a far away land, I stumbled across the band, Unwritten Law -- I think it was Reagan who introduced them to me. (If you google images for "Unwritten Law," this is the first picture that pops up. I'm not sure if it's the guy's mustache or the fro-ey hair in the back that drew me to them initially -- oh, it was probably the music, but really, check them out!) I slowly fell in love with this band, or at least the one cd that I owned. [I make no claim that their music, outside of this cd, is clean and appropriate.] Then, a horrible event occured. I'm not sure how, but the cd was lost. It was nowhere to be found. Apparently my love only ran so deep because after time, I forgot about this band and the songs that I proclaimed to love at one point.

Years passed and my taste in music changed a bit. After returning from my mission, I went back to some of the classics (Beatles, Steve Miller Band, Simon and Garfunkle) but also enjoyed new music. This is around the time I grew fond of Jack Johnson. [Sidenote: I went to his concert, which really was one of the best concerts I've been to, the 2nd week of school. We got home really late and I took a sick day from work! Some of my students were at the concert. I don't think they bought that I was really sick. That either destroyed any credibility with my new students or built a tight relationship with them knowing that we had common music interests. The Green family I married into just doesn't appreciate him, in fact, there is a strong hatred for my friend Jack, but I will be loyal to his mellow sounds until I die.] There was always a place in my heart for some good punk music. And sure, pop music was great for parties we threw -- afterall, even if they are annoying and dramatic, everyone sings along and dances. When I was teaching, I had music on while the kids worked on certain projects and I allowed them to bring in music to play. I had students make me cds saying "Hey Haubert, I think you'll like this." That is how I grew fond of the Postal Service, Deathcab, and Kalai. And as new music filled my life, Unwritten Law was shoved out completely. They were forgotten.

Yesterday, they entered my life again. While driving to the car wash, I read a few clean bumper stickers of the car in front of me. To my surprise, I saw an Unwritten Law bumper sticker. Could it be? There are others who appreciate their music? And old songs flooded my mind -- old songs from the one cd I owned. I still don't know where the old cd went. I'm pretty convinced someone stole it once they heard the sound of joy eminating from my apartment window. But, even still, the cd may be gone, but the music has returned to my heart. Sometimes there's nothing like reuniting with an old flame.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
The Secret Life of Bees, but Sue Monk Kidd. I loved this book. I love this type of literature anyway, but I was so attached to all the characters. I'm nervous to see the movie because I don't want to be disappointed. Many of my friends couldn't get beyond the religious/spiritual things in the book, but for me, the black Madonna and their feelings about her were a vehicle to understanding who each of those women were. This is a quick, simple Jenny book review, but I'm tired and there is so much out there already about this book, so what more do I have to add at 11pm on a Tuesday night? I laughed. I cried. It was a great read.

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