Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thank You BYU Cougars

A big Thank You to our football team for helping me maintain a happy marriage with my husband by winning the game tonight! During the 4th quarter, I was getting a little nervous, gave a few screams myself - startling Samantha, but alas, you pulled through. Thank You once again, for Marcus came home with a large grin and has been floating ever since. What a perfect home game with which to end. Thank you, gracias, and koszonom from the bottom of these loyal fans' hearts.


Anonymous said...

Jenny...I adore this photo. Thanks for the cute card and picture of Samantha that you sent.
Eric surprised us and flew home for Thanksgiving. He said it was to see us, but I soon realized it was for the BYU game. (he doesn't have a t.v. where he lives) I am also very grateful that they won so Eric could go home with a big smile on his face. love, Barb

Barbara Russell said...

didn't know it would turn up anonymous. I will try this again. I have never left a message on a blog before.

rachel said...

what a cute picture!

Megan said...

I'll add a koszonom to that as well. Oh, and what the heck! a gracias too! Whereas, in my case the cougs winning didn't help my marriage... being married to a ute fan and all. But it helped my soul.


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