Sunday, February 24, 2008


Samantha's not quite saying "mama" yet, but she IS saying "mmmmmmmmm" and eating big people food. Notice the mac and cheese in her mouth. We are finally moving from baby food and purees to real stuff! YEA!


Amy said...

Very cute! When are you coming back to Provo? Or are you back already?

Beth Schellhous said...

Well, your girls are adorable... Lareine still doesn't say mama either, she just says Ball and doggie. But hopefully she'll learn "brother" soon!

maryirene allen said...

way to go samantha! people food is much more enjoyable. you're gonna love it! we miss you cutie!

rachel said...

I love all of her adorable hair. Yay for people food!

launi said...

love these pics. cutie samantha!

KareBear said...

i found your blog from sis. facione's email. i don't know you, but i think you guys are awesome adopting. my family adopted older kids
(over the age of 9) once we all grew up.

i know/knew your sister lisa from the old days when the ward combined as the one and best farmington hills ward. sadly i haven't heard from her since my mom's funeral in 2005- she gave us her address and i lost it.

good luck with callie and sam! you are so blessed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

This is Lana (Ackroyd) Dauterman. Do you remember me from Young Women in Farmington Hills? My mom sent me your blog because she thought we would like it--we just got back from China with a new daughter (kid #4) who has microtia/atresia, which is a deformed ear and no ear canal on one side. We also have a bio son with autism. You can look at our website at Loved the photos of your beautiful daughters, the commentary on raising special needs kids, and the adoption entries. I can relate to it all! Best wishes, Lana

mamazita said...

I ran across your blog at Valary's blog. It is fun to see how your family is doing! Congrat...two beautiful girls!
Mary Rae


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