Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eclipse -- Stephanie Meyer

I'm a little behind on giving my book previews for 2008. Eclipse was the first book I read of the new year. I agree with many others in the fact that I was sorely disappointed. I, unlike some of my friends, am an Edward fan. I am intrigued with him, and I kind of like the idea of the sexy vampire guy who is trying to give vampires a good name by not sucking blood out of people. Interesting new concept. And I liked it. And even though I felt that Jacob was a great guy -- let's face it, I think he had the upperhand on maturity most of the time, in the 3rd novel, he lost it. He became annoying immature, and I think we all can concur that Bella pretty much topped the cake on immaturity. I couldn't handle it. When performing of any kind, they say it's good to leave the audience wanting more. At the end of the book, I felt like things were missing. I wanted more because I felt like Stephanie Meyers didn't adequately wrap the story lines up to a sufficient conclusion. She still had a little more to tell, but I felt she just thought "That's about good for now. I'm tired of writing. I'll end it like this."


Beth and her Spinrad said...

(Just surfed in on your blog)

Well you know there's a fourth one coming out in September right? I for one will be waiting in line at Midnight with my cousin to purchase it!

Danette said...

I felt that way until I realized there's a fourth book coming. But, I just didn't catch Jacob being annoying. I dunno... we'll have to see in the fourth book, eh?

bostonroms said...

Ahhhh - ditto what Beth and Danette say. I think she's committed to a 7 book series or something? I have some beantown frieds who are diehard fans... Anyway - never fear. We haven't heard everything yet about "dreamy" Edward and the more realistic, hunky, believable teenager JAKE. :)

D-n-E said...

I completely agree with everything that you said. There are few characters that I have read that I have disliked more than Bella. She seems an awfully immature waste of all the opportunities she's given (i.e., mature, wise boyfriend; kind, loving parents; etc.). The fact that Meyer introduced her as being so mature was part of what aggravated me--I kept waiting for her to show her maturity, but she was consistently immature. If Meyer wanted Bella to be a mature character she should have had her act that way rather than just telling us that it was so and expecting us to believe it.
Edward is great. I think the thing I like best about him was his constant desire to overcome a bad/evil aspect about his nature. We all have weaknesses and such that come naturally to us. The question is do we fight them or do we just succumb to them? The thing I question about him is what he sees in Bella. From what I read the only thing between them seems to be physical attraction because they have absolutely nothing else in common. Meyer seems to want us to think there is some magical bond between them that can't be severed. I'd call it hormones and I'd give their marriage (if they ever got married) about a year, when the thrill of the physical would start to wear out. Edward might stay more attached but I think Bella's got the sticking power of a fourteen year old.
And Jacob was immature and annoying. Do any of these characters understand the phrase "move on"? Evidently not.
Meyers writing is repetitive and redundant. I thought I was going to kill myself through New Moon. How many times did we have to hear about Bella's empty hole in her heart? I wanted to scream "OK already! We got it the first 50 times you said it! Her hearts broken!"
Sorry that was long but I love to rant about books.


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