Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anonymous Response

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in California where we had the joy of attending the sealing, as well as all the other festivities associated with a wedding, of Scotty and Annie. (Scotty, my brother-in-law) It was so much fun -- pictures to come. Annie looked gorgeous, Scotty looked dapper, and Samantha and Callie, incredibly cute! Once again, pictures to come, hopefully soon. Speaking of our girls, in the post just before this one, I received a comment from an anonymous reader. They asked if we were planning on adopting again, and if so, would it be a boy. Well...I am dedicating an entire entry to respond to that inquiry.

Yes. We do plan to adopt again. I have shared this with some of you, but now you who frequent our site, will all know. Before we adopted Callie, I was filled with exciting anticipation to meet our new child, whoever he/she would be. But I also was sad because I wanted to be pregnant and have that experience again. I would check in with Marcus periodically, "We'll have natural born children again, right?" (Or "homemade" as I heard it referred to this weekend by a woman who had both adopted and given birth to her children, which I thought was kind of cute) Marcus reassured me we would. I felt this need to go through that process again. My heart changed when we met Callie and as I have gotten to know who she is. I no longer feel like I need that experience. Sure I would love it, but the adoption process has been so wonderful and every bit as spiritual as pregnancy and childbirth was for me. What a blessing. I truly believe that the right child gets to the right home, no matter how that happens, and as parents, you have the privilege of knowing that child was sent to you specifically. Amazing. So yes, we plan to adopt again. And perhaps we will adopt the rest of our children; though I can't deny I'm really curious to see what a non-microcephalic child of mine and Marcus' would look like, but it's not all that important. Besides, there's no garuntee that would happen anyway.

As for a boy. We love our sweet Sammy, but I sheepishly admit we both wanted a boy first. That has since changed of course. And having Callie has been so much fun. Marcus, who once thought (long long ago) being surrounded by little girls would be a nightmare, adores his babies. He wouldn't mind having more girls, but yes, he needs his boy sometime. And so do I. I always said I wanted all boys and a girl. I did marry into a family that had that situation, so that's as close as I'll get now that I have 2 girls, but boy do I love those girls. I would love to have more girls. Girls are so much fun to dress! Come on. It's true. And Samantha and Callie both have great hair, which makes it double the fun! But I do want a few little boys, maybe we'll have a boy next! :)

As we adopt, we aren't looking for gender specific babies. That's not how it works for us. We truly believe that the baby that is supposed to come to our home will...perhaps that's another girl. Maybe not. We'll just have to see.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Jenny,
Happy Birthday to you!

Danette said...

I love this response and your take on children and their gender. Being the mother of three boys I always get that kind of question, "you gonna go for that girl?" And I always answer-- I will have another child if I want another child. I find the reasoning of having a child for gender purposes totally flawed because it's so up in the air and no way to know for sure (when they are homemade). Anyway, it looks like you had a birthday so I hope it was good! We should get together sometime.

maryirene allen said...

so i haven't looked at blogs in a long time. i am glad i kept looking on yours. what wonderful words on adoption. i'm sure my cousin would love to hear the way you word it. you are a writer! i am so glad that this has been such a marvelous experience for you and your family. you guys are amazing. thanks for letting us be involved. we love you and will miss you terribly!


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