Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Little Mimic

Callie is such a little mimic. She copies everything she sees and hears -- which may be dangerous one day. Anyway. During lunch today, Samantha burped. I said "Excuse you" and Callie immediately started making grunting/burping noises. Oh heavens! It was rather funny. (And yes Jan, I love seeing her learn so quickly and sign for her milk, or to eat, or for more. It does melt my heart each time.)


sagebrushandbuttercups said...

there's that hand sweet little hand again! Oh somehow that just thrills me it is so gentle and sweet a way to communicate.
I cannot believe how fast Callie connected Sammy's burp/your "Excuse you" and then tried to burp and be a part of it. Amazingly aware. They are both looking great! sisters side by side through it all. Has Callie succeeded in getting Samantha to hold her on her lap yet?
Could we have an update on how Sammy is feeling since the surgery?

The Nelsons said...

so sweet!

Anonymous said...

hello good buddy. Brooke and I will be coming to Spokane sometime soon (like in a week or two). We'd love to see you!
what do you think?


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