Saturday, November 7, 2009


Sammy loves holding onto the table -- and chewing on it. I love seeing her little head pop over the edge. Such a cutie!


mj said...

Oh these two really could be good friends. Leah loves chewing our table. In fact, she's probably chewing it right now. Wood. Perfect height. It's just irresistable, you know?

Anonymous said...

did you ever see "a series of unfortunate events"? sunny, the little girl in the movie, likes to chew on things and there's scene where she is chewing on the edge of the table with her feet dangling in the air.

mamazita said...

How do you keep your kids from breaking all the little glass things behind Sammy?

Sammy looks so cute chewing away at the table!

Jenny said...

Those things are all behind a glass china cabinet...otherwise, they would have been destroyed long ago!

And Jeff, yes, I remember that scene! Ha! That could totally be Sammy.


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