Sunday, June 27, 2010

Turning the Big 0-4

Yes, our little Sammy Sam Sam is now FOUR. While she was eating breakfast, I thought about those first few hours with her. It was such a whirlwind of emotions and information. Life definitely changed when we met our sweet girl face to face. What a ray of sunshine she is in our lives. She's just amazing. We are currently in Michigan visiting family and friends, so it was fun to be able to celebrate with those who love her but don't get to see her as often. In this picture...and I just love that face...Sammy is with her Daddy at Keith Elementary's playground. The old school's playground has had quite the upgrade! It was fun for the girls, but such a muggy day.

Playing with the swings.

We knew we were having a party for her on Friday, but we didn't want her birthday to plass without having some kind of it was brownies, icecream, and lots of whipped cream -- her favorite!

I can't believe our baby girl is FOUR years old!


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Happy birthday Samantha! You are such a beautiful 4 year old. :)

Emily said...

It's almost here, the year 2000. It's gonna be a brand new day.
And then the kids of this generation,
are finally going to have their say.

I sing a song of excellence.
I sing a song of praise.
I sing of happy memories of Keith School Days.

And someday when they ask me how, I got to be so great, I'll say that little of school of mine was JUST FIRST RATE!

Ames Family said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Sammy! I love how easily amused kids are!

Courtney said...

oh! her face in that last picture is priceless! what a sweet girl. happy birthday samantha!!

Analisa Green said...

This just makes me miss you all so much more! I can't believe Sammers is four years old! What a big girl! Give her a big hug and kiss from her Aunt Lisi and have a good time in Michigan! See you in a few weeks!

Heather said...

Yeah Samantha, she looks so happy and excited to be having a birthday. Your bus cake is so cute and creative. How fun to celebrate with family!


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