Sunday, November 28, 2010


I love this man.  I really do.  He's my kind of perfect.  This picture was taken last Christmas, and when I stumbled across it today...not only was I happy to find a picture of us together, and all those wonderful thoughts that went through my mind of how much I love him...but I also thought "Where in the world is that shirt?"  I had completely forgotten about it, and I have no idea where it is.  See, I'm missing a lot of clothes that I can't track down, and it's getting more and more frustrating by the day.  So, there's a lot of love going on in this picture.  For my husband, for my clothes.  At least I know where one of those things is!


Heather said...

you are funny, seriously don't you wonder where some clothes go? I had a pair of pants a while back and I have no clue where they went. I think the washer ate them.

Ashley DeMille said...

I agree with Heather I think my washer eats all my clothes, Jaxon's socks and Madi's undies! It drives me so crazy sometimes. I just wish it would eat Carson's ORANGE work out pants :o)

Jenny said...



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