Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green

I love a beautiful book.  I mean, I love when there's good content too.  But I love pretty books.  I just do.  They make me happy.  I had my own little rule that I would ONLY invest in books that I think are pretty if I have read them and like them.  But I had to change my rule.  I will now buy beautiful books even if I haven't read them IF I consider them a safe classic.  And so, some time back, when Penguin came out with these children's books, I splurged and bought Robin Hood and Peter Pan.  I wanted them all, but one must show some kind of self-control.  No?

So, here I go.  The green one in the middle.  The Adventures of Robin Hood.  A children's classic.  And, it was so fun.  Robin Hood is a classic character for many reasons.  He's been around forever.  Something I learned was that it is believed that Robin Hood was an actual person.  Maybe that's common knowledge, but I didn't know that.

I read what I had expected when I opened the book.  I know the story.  Nevertheless, I loved it.  Sure, I know the story of this  man and how he steals from the rich to help the poor, how he is devoted to King Richard, and loves his Maid Marian.  However, it will still so entertaining.  Quite surprising, however, was at the end when we read of Robin Hood's death.  Oh, now, that was sad for me.  What?  Robin Hood dies?  Well, of course, I suppose.  He's not a super hero, definitely not immortal by any means, but in my mind, he was.  He fights the good fight.  He out fights, out wits, out runs, and out does everyone in just about everything.  So, when he dies, I was shocked!  And sad.

What a fun book.  Callie wants me to read it to her...and one day, I will.  

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