Monday, November 12, 2012

Lost Tooth

Only days later, Sammy loses her first tooth!  This picture, to me, is actually kind of gross because it's right after the tooth came out.  Now it's just a gap and it doesn't look so red and -- gross.

That morning, my friend Amy did a mini photo shoot with Samantha.  She's a hard one to photograph, so I was grateful for Amy's patience, and we actually got a few super cute ones (those will be coming).  During the photo shoot, I saw her playing with the loose tooth with her finger.  By the time we got home, there was blood, which was to be expected.  When I looked at her mouth, the tooth was gone!  What?!  "Marcus!  Sammy lost her tooth!"  And then, horror.  Did Sammy just swallow her tooth?  Not that it really matters, but I wanted to see it.  Luckily, it was sitting there, under her arm, on the tray of the high chair.  Listen, I know this picture looks gross, but I have never seen a cuter toothless little girl.

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Lee said...

Just happened across your blog and so glad I did.. Sammy is beautiful! I love all the pics. I really enjoyed reading about the tooth mystery. I remember when our daughter would lose teeth. My angel was spastic quad CP, with severe cognative delay, non-ambulatory, and non-verbal. She had the uncommon combination of hyrodcephaly and microcephaly. I'm sure she swallowed atleast one tooth! Thanks for posting so many pics! I really enjoyed reading through your blogs and I loved looking through all the Halloween pics! Just wanted to tell ya, if you ever want to connect with a large network of other CP families, we'd love for you to visit and share your family with ours @ Cerebral Palsy Family Network. We're always thrilled to have guest bloggers. You can also find us on Facebook and on Pinterest. Looking forward to future visit, so KEEP WRITING! Best wishes.


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