Thursday, December 13, 2012

3 Months Old

Three months and wearing 6 month clothing!  Ok, not all the time, but I've packed away most of his 3 month clothes because they just don't fit anymore.  He'll fit into some 3-6 month things.  He's growing growing growing...and discovering his hands.  It's so cute to see him look at his hands.  What a confusing world this must be for him.

Micah is getting strong too.  He can almost push himself up all the way when he's on his tummy and he's trying to sit up on his own.  He's a great sleeper -- going for 6-7 hour stretches at night -- and is generally super happy and talkative.  He's experiencing his first cold but is fighting it like a man.  Way to go Micah.  We love you!


Paige said...

He's adorable Jenny!

Gordon and Robyn said...

He really is so darn cute! His lips are perfect!

Ashley DeMille said...

you mean he is pretty fussy with his first cold if he's fighting it like a man??? J/k :0) He is way cute! Way to sleep little guy! I hope ours does that well!


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