Thursday, January 10, 2013

Poor Baby

I'm so far behind and I really don't even know where to start.  So, I will start with today...and work backwards.

Today, I took Micah to the doctor.  And, as I was waiting in line to be checked-in, a man leaned over and said to his wife, "Look at that poor baby."  I looked at the man, and we both smiled.  Why is Micah a poor baby?  I mean, look at him?  He's adorable!  He clearly is happy, well-fed, and well-dressed.

But, maybe he was referring to this?

Ah, yes.  The casts.  On an almost 4 month old.  Ugh, look at those cute little toes!  And that smile, as if there's nothing the matter in the world.  And he's playing with his fingers in typical Micah fashion.  But yes, he is in casts that cover his ENTIRE leg.  BOTH of them.  And, what is the story behind it all?

When Micah was born, he was the picture of health.  Still is.  The only "issue" (and believe me, issues are much different now in my book after life with Samantha) is that his feet has some malformation.  Yes, the pediatrician told me his feet were deformed -- a tad pigeon toed.  He gave us some massages to do on his feet, and when we had our next pediatrician appointment, his feet had improved.  Still, the good 'ole doc suggested we meet with a pediatric orthopedist, just to make sure.

Yesterday, I met with Dr. Godly.  He's the "baby bone" doctor and the head of the department.  He ruled our club foot and said Micah had a mild case of yadda yadda yadda yup.  I have no recollection of what he said.  But, the main this was he said it was pretty mild.  If it was never corrected, in adulthood he'd probably have a harder time finding shoes that were comfortable...things like that.  We're not talking about anything too life altering.  He then said, "It's really an easy fix, though, and now would be the time to do it.  I'd recommend it, but it's up to you."  My mind flashed 13 years.  Shopping.  At the 4th shoe store.  Yep, let's get this taken care of.  No.  In all seriousness, after Samantha -- for a couple years, Sammy only wore her braces when she was wearing long pants because I didn't want people to see obviously (I'm still ashamed about that) -- 3 weeks in casts?  I thought it would be a good thing to take care of any potential problem NOW to help insure he doesn't have problems or discomfort in the future.  (Sidenote: Micah is asleep right now, head on my shoulder, and he's laughing...out loud.  How cute is that?!)  I can't take away all his future problems, but I can try.  And for now, it starts at his feet.

I had no idea, however, that these casts were going to go up the entire leg!  I called Marcus before they did the casting just to confirm he felt the same way I did...and then within seconds of hanging up the phone, Micah's foot was being wrapped up.  He was smiling and so compliant.  So typical.  Everyone is the room came over and mentioned how good he was doing, how adorable he is...all the stuff that makes a mama feel proud.  Anyway.  The casts are just for his foot, to straighten them out, but they need to cast the entire leg because they have found, with infants, the casts come off unless it's up the entire leg.  Bummer.  I went out to Walmart and bought a couple pair of 18 month pants that he's been sportin' for the past 2 days.

Last night the one cast already started to separate a bit.  So, I had to go back in today and they fixed it right up.  It's a pain.  It is.  But, worse things could happen.

The casts will come off January 31.  As much of a trooper as he is, they are uncomfortable, I'm sure, and he wants to be held more...and my back is killing me.  So, we're happily counting down the days!


Courtney said...

Poor guy! But yeah that smile is awesome. He's so cute!!

maryirene said...

wow! best of luck with that. he is such a cutie!!!

April said...

Oh he is such a good sport and you have great perspective :) Love you!


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