Friday, February 8, 2013

Sleep Over

Tonight Micah is spending the night at his birth-family's house.  Grandma Cindy offered some extra help since we were all sick, and we took her up on it.  I understand that many people may find this strange.  I get that.  But the decision was fairly simple.  Do we let Micah spend the night with his birthmom, birthgrandparents, and birth uncles?  That wasn't the issue.  The harder part was wondering if I could bare to be separated from him for a night ~ which gave me a tiny tiny tiny glimpse into how Lindsey felt as she left the hospital after he was born.

See, Lindsey and her family aren't just Micah's birthfamily.  They are family.  We are 100% confident that while he is with them, they will adore him, take care of him, and give him all the attention (if not MORE) that we would give him.  He's in safe hands.  He's with family.

Even still, I understand that it may seem odd to others who don't understand this relationship that we have.  I think that Lindsey is happy.  In fact, I'm pretty sure of it.  I know she loves Micah, but from piecing together all that she has told us, she has peace and joy in her life from the decision she made.  And I think it's because she sought that peace, that spiritual confirmation, that we feel so comfortable with her so closely connected to us as an entire family.

It's 7pm.  I imagine right now he is giggling, drooling massively, and surrounded by people who love him.

So, even though right now I feel so strange that he isn't with me, I feel so blessed that Micah has so many people in his life who want the world for him...and will do all they can to provide that for him.  He'll never have a shortage of love in his lifetime.  What more can you ask for your child?


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Ella has had sleep overs with her birth mom, grandma, grandpa, uncles and aunts a few times before too. Not every relationship is like that, but I'm glad we have it with them, and you with Micha's birth family. He is blessed! You all are.


Cristina said...

Jenny, I just wanted to say Micah is absolutely adorable! I am glad he is getting spoiled with love. That is one thing a person can never have enough of. And speaking of which, we're sending you all lots of love this Valentine's day. :) Warmest wishes!

Shian said...

That is so awesome! I wish our daughter's birth family lived closer. :( Each one of your kids is adorable.


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