Tuesday, April 8, 2014

When Sammy is Sick...

When Sammy is sick...such as today...all hell breaks loose.  
It's just the way it is. 

Sammy throws up 
Scrub floor.
Sammy throws up
Micah ends up walking around in just a saggy diaper
Sammy throws up
I run out of towels
Callie remains fairly comatose as she watches her 2nd movie
Cancelled plans
Sammy throws up
Another load of towels in the washing machine
Dinner?  Cheese quesadillas
Dinner?  Shoot!  Dinner!  Dinner is burned.
"You know Mommy, that could start a fire."  
"Yes Callie, I know."
Sammy falls asleep on the couch.
Micah comes up and smacks her in the face!
Sammy cries.
Sammy throws up
I run out of blankets.
Found a towel!
Text Marcus, reminding him, he has the best wife ever.
Callie in hyper helpful mode
Every burp makes me jump up faster than electrodes on my chest!
Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig
Sammy throws up
Moans on the couch from daughter AND mother
"Micah!  Leave Sammy alone."
Pouty lip.
Aaaand Desitin all over his face.  WHAT?  
Sammy throws up
Alice in Wonderland
"Mom, can I have some tea?"
Calculating how much my water bill will be this month.
Micah impatiently repeats "food, food, food" but I'm pretty sure he's swearing at me...because it sounds like he's laying the mother bomb on me!  For sure.
Sammy's pale.
Super rosy lips.
I'm sure the amount of watermelon in Micah's mouth is a choking hazard.
Callie gags in the bathroom as she brushes her teeth.
"My tummy hurts."

When Sammy is sick...such as today...we experience a little bit of heaven in our home.  

Crying stops when Mommy comes nearby
Life slows down
Being Mom
Time spent together
Massaging legs and feet
Brushing hair aside
Tenderly scratching a back
Being Nurse
Singing songs from movies with Callie
Impromptu tea party
Spontaneous fun
Teaching lessons of compassion
Helping siblings serve one another
Being Teacher
Taking care of my babies
Stopping to provide what is most important
Admiring Sammy's long lashes as I hold her and look down on her face
Splashing in Callie-made puddles with Micah and Callie in the back
Amazed at the remorse in Micah and his tender kisses to Sammy after
"Sawwy"  (Sorry)
Grateful for a great husband
And grateful that I get to be home with my kids today
...that I'm there doing the laundry
scrubbing the floor
and kissing my kids

It all started out chaotic, crazy, out of control.  It felt that way anyway.  But then, when I was taking towels and blankets out of the washing machine, it hit me...I'm so grateful that I'm here.  We've been hit with a ton of sickness the past couple weeks.  I'm really done with it.  But I'm not done with doing all that stuff for my kids.  And I felt so overwhelmingly grateful for all the little moments today.  Yes, my plans changed today.  Yes, I almost gagged scrubbing the rug.  Yes, Micah was a little crazier than usual and made the entire situation a little more hectic.  But it was a great day.  I love being a mom.  I love holding and teaching and comforting and playing and pretending and preparing and cooking and loving these kids.  

I also feel super grateful that I had this glimpse of eternity today, because I know next time...I may not feel this way!  So, I'm riding this motherhood high as far up as it'll take me.  


reggstyl said...

Oh, Jenny, you're the best! Sorry that you've had sickness. Thanks for the reminder of all things good. Life sure is sweet, but I guess we need the bad times to appreciate the good ones.

D-n-E said...

Awesome post. Great job putting into words the juxtaposition it is to be a mother.


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