Thursday, June 19, 2014

To The Beach!

Marcus took yesterday off work, so to the beach we went.

Callie has been asking me to go, and I want to go.  I do.  We live so close that you'd think I'd be like the slew of other moms who live here and make the weekly trek to the sandy beaches of beautiful California.  But, my friends, this is not the case.  I can't go to the beach without Marcus.  I just can't.  At least, not with all the kids.  Three.  Count 'em.  I have only three kids.  Yet, the task is just too much for me.

Sammy hates the beach.  It's cold, windy, and there's this material there that really bothers her...sand.  There's kind of a lot of it and it bothers her.  Is it the texture?  No.  It's just the fact that it's hard for her to move around and being that all things go in her mouth...well, maybe it is the texture.  It's like chewing on sand paper for a few hours.  Nasty.

Callie loves the beach.  Not the frigid water, but the beach...the sand, the seagulls, the running around, having the waves chase her.  It's great fun.

Micah has never been before.  Before yesterday, he was a beach virgin.  If you asked for his opinion, he'd respectfully give you a mixed review.

Onto the pictures:

Sammy has about 0% body fat.  So to combat the cold, I came prepared.  Were we going to go swimming?  Absolutely not.  But I brought 5 towels nonetheless...all to layer on Sammy!  And it worked.  For awhile she sat on a chair, bundled up, eating the wind.

Callie, Micah, and I ran down to the water right away.  Micah thought it was hilarious.  Callie screamed in delight.  After I stepped away, they were adventurous and checked it out themselves, of course with Callie in the lead.

After some time, Sammy needed a change of pace.  We had a really great location, actually, right by a log.  That was the backrest we needed.  I laid out a sheet and she and I sat down together while Marcus and Callie worked on a sand castle...and Micah ran back and forth from the waves up to me "Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!"  Then back down he went.  He was loving it at this point.  He would stop and eat some crackers or bits of sandwich and then rejoin the action.

Look at that boy's hands.  They are massive!

It was time for Sammy to try out the water.  I'm not sure why Marcus thought she would enjoy it.  Well, probably because when we first got down there and I was holding her close by the waves, she was hysterically laughing.  She loved the wind and the rushing noise of the water.  The water was too cold and when Marcus brought her back up, she needed some serious bundling.  Her toes only got wet, but still, it was enough to put her over the edge.  However, she was still far so good!

We went to the beach at Natural Bridges (should have gotten a picture of it), so Callie wanted to hike over some of the rocky land that goes over the water.  I asked Marcus to take Micah too so I could keep Sammy warm.  Off they went and for about 45 minutes, Sammy and I stayed just like the above picture.  I kind of loved it.

As time went on, though, it was getting windier and windier.  I had to keep covering her face and cleaning out my ears from the sand!  It was just too much.  But where Marcus, Callie, and Micah was protected and really nice.  So when they came back, Micah was upset and kept saying "Mommy!  Oweee!  Hurt!"  He laid down on me to protect himself.  Not too long after, we packed up.  He was distraught.  The wind whipped the sand against your skin and it just hurt.  I laid him down and covered him in did the trick for awhile, but when it was time to hike back up to the car...oh heavens...he wouldn't walk.  He just wanted to bury his head in my chest to protect his face.  Carrying him, and our gear, and hiking up the ridiculous sandy hill back to the car just about killed me.

But it was all worth it.  I'd say it was a successful beach trip.  Sammy seemed to actually enjoy herself this time.  Callie and Micah had fun and aside from being severely exfoliated, really loved the adventures you can find at the ocean side.

And this wee fellow...he was completely wasted after so much fun.  I couldn't keep him he slumbered on the couch until he was ready for some more action.

I can't wait to go again!

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