Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Know Why People Don't Vote...But They Still Should

Today, blessed day, we get to vote. I usually vote by mail. It's just more convenient. But this year, I waited too long. And I was so very very close to not voting at all.

Why? Well, for the same reasons my daughter doesn't get dropped at at school with a mother who has make-up on and is wearing sweats. (I do get my teeth brushed, and I consider that amazing, for your information.) It's the same reason why on most days I don't get a shower in until around 1pm! Don't judge...lest ye be judged my friends. Life with kidlets makes for busy mornings...and afternoons...and evenings until bedtime.

This morning was no exception. Why did I almost not vote?! It was already passed Micah's nap time. I usually vote by mail, so I didn't even know where I was supposed to go. And I cynically thought, "I know what the result will be anyway." Ew. I seriously thought that. How lame is that? It kind of made me sick, because that's not me.

That's when I went online and in all of 5 seconds I knew where my assigned voting location was. (Isn't that Internet thingy an incredible discovery?) Boom. Easy. I picked Micah up and strapped him into the car. Because you know what? We don't know what the results will be! And I didn't want to let my excuse-filled mind take over. Those weren't my voices friends...those were voices from so many other cynical people (I'm not schizophrenic) who slowly planted those seeds and phrases in my mind, so when my defenses were down...what sprouted out? Bologna! If what I vote for wins, I was a part of that! How awesome. If what I vote for loses, I tried. I supported the good fight (or at least in my political  view would be the good fight). Fantastic.

"Son, we're going to vote."
"Goin' to bote." Dang he's cute.

Because I was supposed to vote by mail, they had to take a few extra steps to get me my ballot, but they were kind and willing to help. Already I felt energized. That's right, all that extra work they were doing was worth my vote. What kind of made me sad, though, was that these three women wreaked of civic duty...and not enough people saw them. I hope what I saw at the polls is not representative of this day, because only I was there. It was quiet. Do people think if they aren't voting for the President that the voting process isn't as important? They are. They truly are. I hope that people haven't become so cynical as to think their vote doesn't matter...or to think that they are too busy to have a voice for their city, state, and country. Remember, this class president was almost a victim to this kind of thinking today. There was once a day when I urged people to vote, because it was about me! Meeee! Well, these issues are just as important and affect each of us individually just as much.

I felt so good when I left that middle school parking lot. Listen guys, California needs a lot of serious help. A LOT! But I really believe no one has the right to complain, or maybe even comment, unless they take the initiative to vote. I'm not a political junky, but there's a lot I care about that depends on the politics of where I live. And voting is one opportunity I have to let those "in charge" know how I feel and what I want for myself and my family.

So though I almost fell from grace in the eyes of avid voters...rest assured I didn't miss my voting streak today. I voted with pride...and with this handsome little devil by my side.

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