Saturday, December 20, 2014

ER Visit #2

Tonight Micah took his second trip to the ER. The first time was last April with a dislocated elbow. He and Callie just played too hard.

Tonight, while being chased and probably laughing hysterically, he tripped over a rug at Grammy and Grandpa's and hit the coffee table. He was just playing too hard, yet again.

Both times, I was not present when the incident happened. Lesson: NEVER leave Micah alone under any other supervision.

He was a trooper. When they pulled the bandage off, I was surprised at how deep the gash was. It was deep deep deep. Luckily they were able to wash it out and glue it together. He wasn't happy, but all he did was cry. He didn't try to wiggle away or push them away. Like I said, trooper.

Grandpa kept him distracted with his Kindle and I gave him the comfort he needed when he was sad. It all worked out well and we were in and out probably within and hour. And now he's soundly sleeping off the trauma. He's the cutest little boy. Even in his pain, I mean come on...look at that face. What a cutie. And hopefully, he'll have a very very small, thin scar...if any.

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