Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Magic Kingdom (Tuesday)

Tuesday morning came quickly. Monday night, the kids fell asleep rather quickly...all except Sammy. She wasn't used to sleeping in a hotel room pack n' play while her siblings were in the same room sleeping and Mom and Dad were walking around. It was a wee bit difficult figuring out how to make it all work. But she eventually fell asleep and got rested up for the next day.

Magic Kingdom. It really is magical. When you think of Disney World, this is the place you think of...and it was so much fun! The last time we were here, Callie was really young. But now, older, she soaked it all in. The shuttle got us there early and we went straight to Tomorrow Land; we didn't have to wait to get on anything. We road the Buzz Lightyear ride 2x. Magic Mountain was pretty quick with our Fast Pass. And the rest of the day was filled with great fun.

A HUGE Thank  You to my mom and dad for taking us on the trip!

Sammy and Lindsay on the People Mover

All the cousins together...every single one of 'em.
Good times!

The only way to watch a parade is sitting on Dad's shoulders! It was so hot. Steamy hot. We all were exhausted and a little toasty, so we went in to watch Hall of Presidents to cool down. It was interesting, but more than anything at that point, it was cool! Sammy was upset, so I ended up standing and holding her. She fell asleep for a few minutes even, but when I tried to sit down, she woke up. I think her fussing was mainly out of exhaustion...just being too hot. When we got out of the Hall of Presidents, it was just in time for the parade and it did not disappoint. Many times when I hear a parade is coming through...let's just say I'm not really a parade person. Usually I think, "Oh, this is a good time to do ________ when people are watching the parade." But Disney? They really do a great job and every single parade we saw was so fun! The kids loved it!

We didn't wait in line for characters. The kids weren't into it. They were excited to see the characters, but they didn't necessarily want their signatures or to hug them or anything. So the parades were perfect for them.

 One of the highlights of the entire trip for Micah was his cousin Hayley. He was obsessed. Micah is very much a baby person...loves them. He did anything he could to get Hayley to laugh at him...and laugh she did. It was so fun to watch them together.

I'm not sure what Micah is trying to do to his face here. It seems serious though.

Hayley, Ted, Mom, Lisa, Linds, Ian, Dad, Peggy

Waiting for the Jungle Cruise didn't take too long. Here's the thing. We were given a special pass, of sorts, for Sammy. But we didn't use it correctly. Turns out, it didn't matter. The workers were so kind and let our entire crew in the handicap lane every time we needed it. If we were on top of things, we would have done their new unlimited Fast Pass thingy, but I guess we didn't quite understand. And no one even asked us. This was the longest wait we had, and it really wasn't bad. I remember being so disappointed when Disney changed their procedures for special needs accommodations. But, it seems that it's still very accessible and that made me overjoyed. Truly, it was a fun trip, but it was a difficult one for Sammy. Had we had to wait in lines very much longer, she would have been miserable and the experience would have been very different. All kids are miserable waiting. Yes. It's true. But when you are stuck in a wheelchair, in the heat, and you can't even verbalize that something is wrong...it just makes it more challenging...and there would have been a lot more of her tears. It makes me sad to think about. So, yeah for Disney being champions for special needs. It makes a huge difference.

Ty and Micah aren't too far apart in age, and it showed. It was definitely a love/hate relationship. They were either loving playing with each other, or they were causing a lot of problems. I think Micah instigated a lot of the arguments. Oops. Sorry Ty.

Callie girl. She's such a beauty. She had so much fun the entire week and was such a trooper. I'm sure there were times when she wasn't complaining, but when I think back, all I can remember is smiles and laughter from her. It was so so fun to be at Disney World with her. The perfect age....7. It was awesome.

 Of course Callie was pretty into Jackson. She and Jackson have so much fun together. She told me one day, it's ok to be in love with Jackson because he's not my brother. I informed her that she, well, actually, being in love is for the people you marry...and she couldn't marry Jackson because they're cousins. "Oh, but I can love him. That's ok." "Of course. I hope you love his guts!" And she does. She basically wanted to be where ever he was. It was so fun. Have I said "fun" too much?

We had dinner at the Polynesian Resort where there was a luau. It was neat and the food was good. But the kids, well, by this point they were pretty tired.

  Micah slept through dinner and most of the show.

And Brayden fell asleep at the table.

They called up all the kids and Callie went up there to do a little dancing.

The entire show was really great, but the fire dancer guy...wow. Impressive.

By the time the end of the night rolled around, we were ready for the pool and bed...ready to get refreshed for the next day....EPCOT CENTER!

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