Friday, September 4, 2015

Gizdich 2015

We did it again. We took a small voyage and headed to Watsonville. Callie was out of school so Micah, Callie, and I loaded up and headed out. I love Gizdich Farms. It's far, but it's so fun. We always seem to miss berry season, but we were there this year right at the start of apple picking and we loved it.

So, what's our favorite parts about Gizdich?

The Anticipation

Finding the Perfect Apple

 Counting the Apples

Having the Orchard to Yourself
Running Down the Hill 1,000,000+ Times

Checking Out Bugs in Decaying Apples

Bowling Rotten Apples

Pulling the Wagon

Squeezing Together for a Picture

The Juiciest, Sweetest Apples Around

Wagon Rides

Jumping Off Hay

Flying Off Hay

And of course the pie...which we didn't get a picture of since my battery died. It was delicous though...and we walked away with some apple juice (that is my most favorite in the world), massive suckers, and smiles.

Until next time Gizdich, we love you.

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