Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Brrrrr! Go Cougs!

BYU vs. Eastern Washington. We were pretty much expected to win, and I wanted to go to the game. Our neighbor had an extra ticket. How convienent. It was a little chilly, but I thought, "Samantha hasn't grown that much. I'm sure she'll fit into her snow clothes from last year." About 15 minutes before we left, I tried to fit her small 16 month frame into a 0-3 month snowsuit. It was a definite no go. I was really disappointed, but it was too cold for Samantha to go without being bundled up. This was to be Samantha's first live BYU game. Marcus and Colin left without us, and Samantha and I headed straight to Shopko. They were having a sale, and I got Samantha a winter coat for $10 and snow pants for $8. I got her some shoes to wear, which actually are slippers (but she's not standing or walking yet anyway. I just needed something to keep her feet warm.) and some mittens. At half time, we headed up to the stadium. I know she's only 14 pounds, but 14 pounds is heavy when you are running to the stadium while carrying her in the Baby Bjorn! So, we get to the stadium and my shoulders are killing me and I'm sweating. Marcus, is shivering, literally shivering all over because he is freezing and Uncle Colin took Samantha off my shoulders for a rest.

3rd quarter. BYU's looking good and things are great. Samantha's all bundled, warm, and smiling. Then, the snow hits. A lot of people start leaving, but Samantha and I just got there, and I'm still recovering. But this snow has no mercy. It's really coming down. At the end of the 3rd quarter, I decide Samantha and I should probably head back. I was worried about her getting cold, even though she seemed warm enough. On the way back, there was so much snow, at times it was hard to see. I had Samantha facing me to help keep her warmer and dry, and it seemed to work. By the time we got home, though, my jeans were completely wet, my shoes were soaked, and Samantha's cheeks were bright red. Was it worth it to see one quarter of a football game? I'd have to say...Samantha was ok, I was ok...most definitely worth it!


Rob and Marseille said...

I'm using this picture too! Thank you! (and thanks to whoever took it)

AJ said...

That is crazy that you guys had a big storm like that. We have had snow (the first was actually clear back in Sep.), but nothing like that yet.

Annie said...

Ugh. I LOVE BYU football more than most things, but I'm such a wimp when it comes to snow - I am impressed you lasted a quarter. Man, I do NOT miss those snowy Provo days....yuck.

rachel said...

I'm impressed Jenny. I wish we could go to a BYU game.

Erika Childs said...

Last weekend I had to dig out a jacket because it got down to the low 60's in the evening. It's still weird that it's almost Halloween and 85 degrees. I love the snow, but I definitely won't complain about the Vegas version of fall.


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