Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Tribute to Scott D. Green on his Birthday

A few weeks ago, after watching The Office, I was laying in bed thinking about how Michael wanted to buy Ryan Oh the Places You'll Go. I then started to think about a recent conversation I had with the said birthday boy. The creative juices began to flow and at midnight, I began writing until I was finished. This tribute was inspired by The Office, Scotty, and of course, Dr. Seuss.

Oh The Places You've Gone

by Jenny Green

Sometimes when you feel like you've been beat,
I suggest you take a look at your feet.
Mr. Right and Mr. Left have taken you far
Whether by walking, running, or driving your car.

In 26 years you've done a whole lot
You've laughed
You've loved
You've watched iRobot.

You've danced
You've pranced
You've flipped in the air
You've let many people know just how much you care.

You haven't died!
Now that's a big deal.
When others have cried,
You've helped them with zeal!

You're a smart clever man
You know your ABC's.
You do all you can
To avoid infectious disease.

You've lived in Honduras
Only few can say that.
You've taken care of your health
So you haven't gotten too fat.

You lived with Marcus, Spencer, Bart, Matt, Zach, and Bryn
In a house where no rent was collected,
Wow! What a win!

You've written songs
Read lots of books
Critiqued movies galore
No argument could possibly prove
your life's been a bore.

You're a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend,
You're life is just getting started,
This is nowhere near the end.

Oh Scotty, the places you've gone.

From Cali to Utah to Washington DC
You've even crossed over a big mighty sea....

To Taiwan of all places
My stars that is grand!
Really, can anyone say your life is bland?

And boy have you learned,
I'll assume quite a lot,
From reading to driving
and connecting the dots.

And what about Scouts?
Oh man, what a pain,
but just think of all the fortitude you gained.

Many a girl I'm sure have changed your life,
But only one near perfect girl will be your wife.
I say "near perfect" because no one can be
As kind, generous, and perfect as me!
But she will come, I 110% guarantee.

Of course there are places
You don't want to go again.
'Cause it'd feel like you're stabbing yourself
with a sharp fountain pen!
But that is A-OK because this is your show,
If you need a reminder, just look at your toe.
Mr. Right and Mr. Left have taken you far,
Whether by walking, running, or driving a car.

Oh the places you've gone
And you'll only continue to go
"Forward," "onward," "sally forth" you'll scream!
Because your heart deep inside
Still wants all your dreams!

Happy Birthday Scotty!


MEGAN said...

What a tribute Jenny. I dont know this scott, but now I want to. Your rhyming is impeccible. Dr. Seuss would be proud.

rachel said...

Thanks for sharing. Maybe it will help motivate me to write something... or anything :)

maryirene allen said...

happy birthday scott. this is your brother's neighbor. anyway, jenny, i am so happy you posted your poem. you are so kind and fun. scott is lucky to have you as a sister-in-law. hope you had fun sunday. mi


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