Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take it From the Pro

Having adopted one child, I, as the Adoptive Mommy Pro, am quoted in an article about baby showers for the adoptive couple. I had a rather lengthy discussion with the author of the article, and this is what made it in. Sure it's not much, but it's pretty fun to be quoted! Check it out. (By the way, if you are planning a baby shower, this article gives a ton of fun/different ideas for various situations.)

The following link is just to the part where I'm quoted, but you can view the rest of the article if you are interested -- you have my full support.

On Birthmother's Day, the day before Mother's Day, we joined FSA (Families Supporting Adoption) at Provo High School to help promote adoption. We just happened to get a family shot with Cosmo too!

Our sweet little Callie in her Sunday dress and a "pretty" in her hair.


D-n-E said...

Wow, Jenny, I don't check your blog for like two days and you add a million posts. I love it. The dresser turned out adorable. Right now I have Reid's clothes in cardboard boxes atop two kitchen-type chairs. Yeah, I'm looking to upgrade to a dresser some time and you got me really excited to do it.
I hope the crying to sleep is working now. I am of the opinion that letting your kids learn how to get themselves to sleep is the only way. They learn how to do everything else on their own (i.e., crawl, sit up, walk, etc.) with just a little coaching from their parents, so they can definitely learn another life skill like falling on their own. The crying is tough. It makes my heart hurt when I can hear Reid crying but he just needs to go to sleep. I consider it kind of like "reproving with sharpness" and I try to make sure when Reid wakes up that I show "an increase of love" and praise him like crazy. Plus, just because it might be hard for them to learn is not a reason for them not to learn it. And you're right, Samantha with get it. Good luck!
The picture of your cute family with Cosmo got me pumped up for the game in September. :) See you then.

Mike and Kris said...

Those are some way cute and fun pictures!! Thanks for sharing that article too!! That's awesome!! You are my inspiration and one of these days I'll actually get up the courage to start the whole process!! I'll be calling you when I start going through it!! Cute family!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

You guys rock!


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