Monday, July 7, 2008

HIV Test

Happy Callie.

The first doctor appointment that I took Callie to in Michigan was ok. I didn't particularly like the pediatrician, but figured it would be fine for the time being. I felt like she rushed through everything and didn't listen to anything I said. (Next time, I'll go through the trouble of finding a different doctor, even if I think I'll only be going once more.) Before we left, she mentioned that at 6 months Callie would need an HIV test. After she was born, she and her birthmom both had HIV tests and they came back negative. However, the HIV virus takes 6 months to show up. It's possible that the mother had contracted the virus while she was pregnant and it hadn't shown up on her yet. I was worried, but decided to push it out of my cluttered and overwhelmed brain for the time being.

A few weeks ago, the worry came back. I knew she would be 6 months and we'd have to get the test. I took her to her check up last week and they took her blood, but we wouldn't know the results for a couple days. I didn't mention this to Marcus. What's the point of 2 people worrying when 1 will suffice? It's more efficient to have just me worry about the potential of having a daughter with microcephaly and another with HIV. Sheesh. The weekend, though fun, was miserable!

But, I just made the phone call and we have the results. The nurse couldn't have read the results more slowly! Anyway. Folks, Callie is HIV negative. What a relief. I know we could have handled it, and we would have, but if you don't have to, what a HUGE relief! (big sigh)

Callie with her friend Madilyn. We were able to spend some
time with some good old friends a few days ago.
It was great seeing you Ashley!


Thad and Julie said...

That's GREAT news! Congratulations Callie! We are so happy for you and your family!

rachel said...

Yay, what fabulous news!!!

Rob and Marseille said...

I love that picture of Callie in her carseat!

Ashley said...

I am so glad to hear the test went well. That had to be so stressful waiting for the results. Sorry I didn't get a chance to get together with you more. It was fun to see you your girls are so cute!

Justin, Amelia, and Zachary Low said...

I can't believe Callie is already 8 months! And cute. She looks so small next to Callie, and I thought Callie was tiny! By the way, I am SO happy she is negative!

Justin, Amelia, and Zachary Low said...

Whoops! I meant 6 months! I still can't believe it! My mistake, that's what happens when you look at blogs with a whiney, wiggly 15 month old on your lap and in your mind!


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