Saturday, July 12, 2008

Running Continued...

Tonight I ran 7 miles, and during this run, I learned a lot. More things that make running easier, tips if you will, for the beginner.

3) It's easier to run when you have good music to push you along.
4) Don't run the hard hill when you are at the end of your run. If you do it by accident, that's one thing, but deciding to do it, that's just stupid.
5) There is a certain point when you are running when the pain goes away. Then it becomes kind of exhilarating, it gets easier -- until the pain comes back again anyway. Because it does.
6) When you start to see your body changing, for the better, that is always encouraging and makes running easier, because you see some results.

That's good enough for tonight. I had a lot more reasons while I was running, but oh well. I'm nervous that I won't be ready in time for this 1/2 marathon in August. My goals are that I finish it, which I think I can do, and that I'm not the last one...which I really hope I can accomplish. We'll see.

AND, I have some pretty awesome video of Samantha walking and if I can figure out how to post it, I surely will. It's adorable! I'm sorry, but I just have the cutest kids!


Heidi Ashworth said...

You do! The cutest!

D-n-E said...

Congrats on the marathon. You are going to be great. No way you're going to be last. I wish I were doing it with you. Good luck. And you do have cute kids.

Sarah said...

On the Marathon - You can't come in last place - you'll come in before all the people who weren't brave enough to start it! Way to go!


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