Monday, November 24, 2008

Cutting Hair

Marcus has often asked me to cut his hair. I have always lovingly refused. His hair isn't an easy buzz cut. But, last night I did it. For those of you who know the clipper lingo, we didn't go shorter than a 5, so it wasn't too short. But, there was a surprising amount of hair that was on the floor when I was done. It wasn't a disaster, so we may invest in some clippers. It'll save money in the long run. Marcus is really excited because he now believes I can be his official barber. I think he's happier just thinking about the fact he doesn't have to schedule haircuts anymore -- something he feel is a waste of money and time. Now, it's not perfect, that's for sure. But I didn't really mess anything up too badly. That's the key. This means his hair is now in the mercy of my hands. Oh the possibilities!

It doesn't look like there's much change here, but I really did cut off quite a bit.





It looks a little crooked at the bottom, but I assure you it's not -- I think.
He's got a small cowlick there, so it goes up in the middle. Actually,
I'll have to double check that when he gets home today from work.

Crazy Jenny with the clippers. This was my before shot.
I was preparing to hear a lot of this at Thanksgiving:
"Marcus, what happened to your hair?"
"Jenny cut it."

Here I am feeling a bit more confident with the scissors
and clippers in hand. Who's next?


Tiffany said...

It took Quinn a couple years to talk me into cutting his hair. I did it for a while, now he's back to going somewhere. He's decided that 15 minutes at a barber is better than an hour or more at home, plus the barber doesn't make him clean up the hair like I did!

Kirstin said...

Well done Jenny! Joe clips his own hair, and I usually just trim the straight line at his neck... I am impressed with your job! I also forgot to comment on the video when I left my comment below... But I love how happy you sound filming her just opening and shutting the door. When Damon is doing that, I am going crazy after the first few times... So I love that you stay so calm and relaxed and happy!

Buraianto said...

It's such a wonderful bonding experience to have one's wife cut his hair. Plus, at home I have control over the remote control.

I am disappointed at the before and after. If he isn't looking like a dirty bum in the before pictures then it's too early to be cutting the hair.

rachel said...

Go Jenny!

The Nelsons said...

yay! i used to cut nathan's hair but last time i did it was a major disaster...i don't know what happened. there were other people there feeding me advice - that never turns out well. anyway, i finally bought some clippers last week so we're going to try may not be so happy for him, but we'll give it a go! :)

Anonymous said...

Good Job Jenny!! I too recently began cutting Brians hair. We had a long absence from me doing it because when we were first married I tried to cut his hair and lets say he had a bald spot the size of a softball above his right ear. OOPS!! (NEVER use the ear pieces that come with the set...)You did a great job Jenny. I love that you took before and after pics of you too. You look so confident after!

Heidi Ashworth said...

yay for you! I cut my hair and the boys hair but I won't cut Roy's hair---it just scares me too much.

Heather said...

HA--I am laughing at Jessica's comment because I did the same thing to JJ, On my sisters wedding day!! I thought it would be smart to actually use the correct piece for the ears. No don't ever use it. I put those in the trash. Oh well, he still trusts me, I have been cutting JJ's hair for years and we just recently replaced the clippers. So our $12 kit last for several years.

Mike and Kris said...

Jenny- WAY TO GO!!! It looks really good!! You should go into business!! I saw that you told Kilee you are going to go dark! I can't wait to see pics!!

Justin, Amelia, and Zachary Low said...

Good work Jenny! I cut Justin's hair too, for our whole marriage now. I am pretty sure we have saved hundreds by now. I cut it pretty short so I don't have to do it for a while. He doesn't care! :) Now the trick is cutting Zach's. I need a seminar, maybe an enrichment on it.

maryirene allen said...

that's awesome. i've told jeff i'll only buzz it. i'm not sure if i could style it. i think you did awesome!!


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