Thursday, November 13, 2008

Your Inner Physician and You -- by. John E. Upledger

Your Inner Physician and You was first introduced to me in January 2008. While in Michigan with Callie, we visited a doctor for Samantha. He recommended trying craniosacral therapy. This, of course, was an alternative therapy. No promises were made, however, it was strongly recommended. I figured, it couldn't hurt.

I set up an appointment with Michelle Mintz, an OT turned CST (craniosacral therapist) and life coach. She suggested doing a session with me so I would understand what she was doing with Samantha. I did that session. It was very relaxing, calming, emotionally purging experience. I can't really explain it, but I felt a rush of emotion leave me. It was, I don't know, very refreshing.

Samantha began her sessions. While we were in Michigan, Samantha did 2 sessions a week. I immediately saw changes. She was calmer and more attentive. Even if this new therapy didn't help with the seizures, I liked the fact that she seemed to be able to concentrate better.

I became increasingly interested in this therapy. Michelle suggested, and gave me, this book. It gives the history and explains it all in very conversational language. Of course it's an overview, so there are other books with a lot more detail that goes deeper into the science of it all, but it was a very interesting read. Though I read the book in January, I hadn't posted about it because I was kind of embarrassed. Some, like Marcus, may consider it all to be "weird." Normally I wouldn't care too much, but I really did care about this.

We have been doing CST with Samantha since January. Over the course of 10 months, we have seen a change in her seizures. They come far less often and are much less severe. Because of this, we have been able to decrease her medication to where she is only on 2 medications. We haven't had to use her emergency medication in 8 months (which at one point we were using at least once a month). Other things have occurred as well. She sleeps better at night, is progressing cognitively, and is in an overall better mood and is more independent. I don't believe that her CST is the only reason for some of these things. Over 10 months, of course we would hope for Samantha that some of these things should naturally occur anyway -- sleeping patterns, development, etc. But, I do believe that the CST has helped her. It most definitely has made a difference with her seizures -- and even Marcus believes that. In March I am taking a class from the Upledger Institute to learn the basics -- Craniosacral Therapy I -- so I can do maintence work on Samantha. I'm not telling everyone to rush out and start doing this therapy (though I do believe everyone can benefit from it) or buy this book. I just stating that this has greatly helped Samantha and our family, for which I feel blessed.

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