Thursday, December 18, 2008

Piggy Tails

It's been awhile since I really posted about things going on, so I apologize and here comes a big catch-up.

Last Saturday I gave Callie a bath. This alone is not worthy of a post. However, the following is. I decided to try a new product in her hair. Awhile back I bought a conditioning styling hair lotion. An African American woman had suggested it to me, so I just bought it. I haven't really used it because I haven't done much along the lines of styling Callie's hair. As the weather gets drier, so does Callie's hair. So, during Callie's bath, I thought, "Why not try this conditioning lotion?" I often use quite a bit of conditioner for Callie. Most white folk would think it's insane the amount of conditioner Callie's hair uses, since we aren't used to lathering our hair in conditioner. So, it seemed fitting that I would use a lot of this new conditioning lotion. Well, I got it in her hair, and the stuff would not rinse out. Her hair was white and greased up. I was worried that she'd look funny for church the next day, but what's a mom n0t trained in black hair to do? With her towel, we absorbed as much of the goop as we could, but her hair was still a little crazy looking. And, we decided to try what has not yet been tried before: pig tails for Callie. She's not a fan. Getting a part is hard enough on Samantha, but try getting a straight part through a jungle of curly, thick, CURLY hair. Not easy, and I obviously didn't succeed.

Callie has such a mass of thick hair, it looked quite strange when it was all pulled up. Her head seemed so small of a sudden. We took pictures to remember her first piggy tails, especially because it may be some time before it happens again.

As her hair dried, we realized that these piggy tails weren't going to stay in very well, so we took them out. And this is the crazy hair that remained.

Better luck next time I suppose.


Ashley DeMille said...

YOu need to keep trying on the Pig tails they are sooooo cute! What a cutie I loved the picture of sammy lounging around!

Teri said...

I agree, the pig tails were really cute! Sounds like you'll have lots of practice with 4 days of the city clearing the streets!

mamazita said...

I am in total agreement...those piggys were awesome...Keep working on the part. She looked so cute!

Peggy said...

SO Adorable!!!


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