Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's one of those days when Samantha is crying a ton (so she's crying in her crib because I need a serious break), Callie is melting down every 5 seconds (so she's crying in her crib because I need a serious break), and the apartment is a mess from everything that Hurricanes Sammy and Callie have picked up and dropped (and I'm at the computer posting because I need a serious break). I just didn't have the emotional energy to pick up everything over and over again. It's only 11:30am, so it may be a long day. I think when Marcus gets home we'll eat dinner and I'll go to bed.

So, with such a lovely day, I thought I'd give myself a reminder of why my kids make me happy. (Plus, I've had a request to see some more this works well for 2 of us.) It's amazing how this works for me...even with the serenading cries in the background, these pictures make my heart a little softer and bring a sincere smile to my face. Then I feel like I can get them out of their cribs and give them the compassion they are waiting for.

Here goes our dive into cuteness. We admittedly have far fewer pictures of Sammy lately as we've made an effort to get more pictures of Callie. I'll work on the balance thing sometime in my life.

I love Sammy and Callie all dressed up for church.

Callie with her new backpack, which she loves! A friend gave it to us. Thanks April!

Callie with her backpack and baby. Things are right in the world.

Love that little grin.

Sammy playing with the blinds, before she ripped them all out.

A woman in our ward made these cute hats for the girls. Thanks Lovena.
Callie isn't so sure about it.

But Sammy's all smiles. She must like those braids on the side.

Playing together.

Cuteness all around.


Ashley DeMille said...

You must be having a day like me! I wasn't going to spend my afternoon looking at blogs but I just don't want to face the huge mess I have to clean up! The kids are finally down for naps so I just want to relax! I am glad I am not the only one that needs reminders of why they still love their crying, screaming babies! Thanks!

Lee said...

Dang, I've got darling grandbabies!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Well, hey, lookie there, your mother in law commented on your blog! Yay for you! I love all of these pics--how can you get mad at faces like that? (I am realize they weren't looking like that when you put them in their cribs.) I especially love that one of Callie with the little grin--I have never seen that expression on her and it is totally precious!

maryirene said...

man, i hate those days. what a great idea to pull out cute pictures to remind yourself how much you love them. sorry you had one of those days. i wish they didn't come so often, but they do to all of us mothers, don't they? it's so nice to hear that i'm not alone. sometimes i wonder what the neighbors think when we're all screaming. what did you used to think? hehe.

yellow buttercups said...

Ugh! May the force be with you!
Sounds like a very tough day. No matter how much you love those adorable kiddos sometimes you feel outnumbered and I am glad you took a "serious break" and it is dang wonderful of you to blog during that precarious time. We are all jazzed to see Callie and Samantha and their smiles. I hope tonight brings rest and peace.
Love you all!

Danette said...

I can totally relate to the going crazy, but thinking of their better side makes me a little softer toward them. It's been a rough week here and then last night I just wanted to freeze time and watch Aaron in all his crazy, make-me-crazy glory. Hang in there! You do have such cute kids and you are such a good mom.


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