Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jenny and America's Funniest Home Videos

So, every Sunday night, we record America's Funniest Home Videos and watch it after the kiddos go to bed. Jenny watches it because she enjoys watching the videos. I watch it because I enjoy watching Jenny watch the videos. This past Sunday, I pulled out the video camera and decided I wanted to share with the entire blogosphere why I enjoy watching AFV with Jenny.



Heidi Ashworth said...

So, which one was it that had Jenny laughing like that? The peeing dog? The,um, oh wait, that's the only one I actually remember.

sagebrushandbuttercups said...

Your giggles are contagious and it is so fun to watch you then start laughing right along with you two. Maybe you should send a video to AFV of Jenny watching!
thanks for the smiles,

Gordon and Robyn said...

this is such a cute post :) Jenny and Marcus you to little lovebirds are sweet!

maryirene allen said...

lol!!! tears are running down my face. i miss that laugh.

Lori and Matt said...

How great! it made me miss you guys!

ps- your hair looks great! I love it that length!

Jessica said...

Jenny that is awesome. I am glad you can laugh like that. I love people who can laugh out loud at the TV. I never used to, but then I met Brian and suddenly the world seemed less serious and more funny. Cute cute.

Peggy said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE it-hilarious!!!


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