Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our Little Sammy

Sammy has been sick and upset for awhile now. I was telling Marcus that it seems like Samantha just isn't happy anymore. Ever. I was sad because it really did seem like she had grown out of her happiness or something. It had just been so long since she's been happy and not screaming during the day. Well, today we got a glimpse of our old Sammy. She was in a good mood for the majority of the day, which was nice. Tonight I started looking through some old pictures, and I got a bit emotional (I have been all week when it comes to Sammy. Post on that later.) I haven't really looked through pictures in a long time, and it was fun to see some of our old favorites. I know I'm her mom, but really, Sammy has the cutest smile. It's infectious. What a sweetheart my little Samantha is. I realize it's overkill, but I know some family who may be interested in seeing these again.

Only a couple months old maybe. She was sitting up and then tipped over. She just looks like a little doll.

Perhaps not the highlight of Samantha's babyhood, but she looks so cute in this after-surgery shot. Sammy Green turns Russell Crowe.

I love those blue eyes.

A nurse at the BYU Health Clinic had her daughter make Sammy a headband. This is the one headband that has ever truly fit Samantha's head, and she looked so cute in it -- it looks like she's just starting her '80's aerobics workout, all smiles and full of joy.

This is my all time favorite of Sammy. It's her little smirk that makes me smile. And as her hair grew back in after her surgery, it grew in the perfect pixie cut. I love this picture!

Just watching the cars go by.

I'm not sure what it is about this picture...I think it's more the memory of it because she doesn't look particularly cute. It was a long day. Callie had been sealed to us, we had lunch at the Kelly's, and we were headed home. From the temple to our apartment, approximately 1 mile away, she peacefully fell deep asleep. She rarely sleeps in the car.

Later that day she was all giggles. I guess she just needed a wee nap.

Walking and feeling confident.

Walking on grass is a little different, but she figures it out.

Before surgery #2.

I know I'm biased, but I have the cutest little girl.


Gordon and Robyn said...

I think she is really cute too :) She did grow a perfect pixie cut!

Megs said...

She's beautiful, Jenny. I wish I had a cute hair cut like that pixie. I love her smile.

Momma B and Daddy R said...

So so so CUTE! Love the pictures. I love the headband picture--and the pixie cut. So cute! I actually teared up a little as I watched her, through her pictures, grow up. What a sweetie.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm so sorry that something is going on that is making you feel extra emotional. Hugs.!

The Nelsons said...

of course she's darling jenny! hope you're feeling less sad!

sagebrushandbuttercups said...

Oh Jenny,
You are going to have to turn the music off when you have picture stories of Samantha.The pictures bring tears to my eyes, add music and I am a puddle! I am so sorry something is happening to Sammy right now. It must be SO hard for you and Marcus when you don't get to see her seem happy, when she has had such fun and joyful traits. I think that must be one of the hardest to go through. It is painful to watch your children at any age have times of an absence of joy, or suffer deeper emotional pain. Seems like with the challenges Sammy has faced, she ought to at least get to have her happy times.Happy times for kids are such a blessing for parents too.
I don't know what you are feeling so I am not sure if the following matches and if not sorry. But aren't those ominous feeling times hard? OR that sense that something is happening, our personal or family world shifting somehow. And we sense it and it feels like things have taken a new direction that we wouldn't have chosen and don't want to go in? And somehow we, as Moms or daughters or wives or friends or relatives, just want to hold those we cherish SO CLOSE to us. Praying that the fierceness and strength of our love will protect them from...whatever the challenge is present or is coming.Anyway those are SUCH difficult times. Sometimes it is a subtle ennui. Other times like walking into water and suddenly there is no bottom--when you are activated into emergent action and you swim. Either with the bottom dropping out/off or the ennui it is new geography to you, and emotional swimming can be even more difficult, cause you don't know quite when or where the shore moved. Anyway I love you. We all do. And we thank you for all the care and love of the beautiful spirit that came to earth and we know as Samantha. There is someone incredible in that little body--that was clear from the beginning. You and Marcus and your families have brought her so much fun and happiness. The day-in-day-out, night-in-night-out love you give her Jenny, well just know her spirit is really happy, though her body may not be. Maybe that is small comfort. Probably is. But it IS SO REAL.
Much love,

Emily said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of "Sammy Green turns Russel Crowe"! What a crack-up! Sammy really is a beautiful girl!

Erin Ames said...

She really is a cute little girl. Glad to hear she had a good day. I'm glad she has so much love from her parents....never too much....gush all you want.

Amy said...

What an adorable little girl and a truly beautiful spirit. I love her!

Jordan and Ariana said...

I'm can't even tell you how much we love your little Sammy! I'm so glad we were there in the beginning when this all began. What an angel you guys have!

rachel said...

What great pictures. We love Samantha too!

Rob and Marseille said...

There was a point where Christopher wasn't his happy-go-lucky self anymore...he had moved on to more "serious" things I guess. It's alot harder to make him laugh than when he was little (there's always tickling, but his strong flailing legs are a bit dangerous these days.) It seems like he always smiled as a baby. Maybe I'm just remembering wrong.

JAZKK Low said...

Okay Jenny,i agree with you. She is such a cutie! It was fun looking at all of those pictures again! Memories! I'll never forget that first day i held her. And her eyes and cute smile are SO amazing.

Ashley DeMille said...

Oh I love Sammy! She is so cute. Seeing those pictures brings back so many great memories! I just miss her little giggle and her sweet little cry(I know you probably don't think it is so sweet but I LOVE it)! i hope everything is ok. YOu and Marcus are just amazing people! You make everything seem possible!

Annie said...

I loved this post. Sammy is and always has been such a stinkin cute little girl.

maryirene said...

i miss her.


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