Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Ishey" anyone?

We don't have our camera cord, so until we do, here's one of the last pictures I took of Sammy walking around in her physical therapy/theratog get-up.

Some of you may argue with this claim, but I'd like to propose that my daughter is a genius -- at least for today. Today after Sammy's speech session, Carly came out so excited. I like when she comes out excited because that means Sammy did something good during therapy.

"I think Sammy said 'fishy.' I mean, I really really think she did."


"Yeah. I mean, really. So, I was holding up 2 cards -- one of a bear and one of a fish. I asked which one she wanted, and she reached out for the fish and said 'ishey.' I thought 'Was that for real?' so I did it again, but moved the cards to the floor. She reached out for the fish card again and said 'ishey!' So I did it one more time, holding the cards up high above my head, and Sammy stood up, reached up, grabbed the fish card and said 'ishey!' It was very intentional. Had I met her for the first time, I would have marked down that she knows how to say fish!"

AH! Ishey! Ishey, ishey, ishey! Guess I know what we'll be working on this week. Yippee for ish!


Heather said...

Way to Go!

Rob and Marseille said...

that is really cute!

sagebrushandbuttercups said...

That is so exciting!!! Way to go Samantha, I sure like ishies too!

Ashley DeMille said...

good job sammy!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats adorable! Way to go Sammy!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I don't get it--why couldn't she mark down that she knows "fish" now?

Jenny said...

I don't know. Maybe she can.

maryirene said...

cool! ishey. so cute.


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