Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fatherhood, Football, and Turning Forty -- by Chris Crowe

Fatherhood, football & turning forty Fatherhood, football & turning forty by Chris Crowe

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I loved reading this book. As it's a book of essays, it had been my quick pick-up book...when I had some spare time, I'd read an essay. It was always enjoyable and it filled my time. I had run out of some of that spare time, so it sat on my bookshelf for a few months. Today I laid in bed with a sick child, holding her while she slept. During this time, I finished the book. It was so fun. My first question to the author (someone I'd like to call my mentor), is if he laughed out loud as he wrote? Surely he must have. I was laughing, all along worrying that I'd wake up my little girl. Each essay is very real as he writes about emerging nose hairs to insecurities of being a father. Each essay is also very relatable. I'm not a father, I didn't play football, and I'm only 29, but I loved reading this and plan on buying it for some of my friends for upcoming birthdays -- my brother being #1 on my list. The LDS culture references are great, because really, we all know what he writes is true. Great reading for LDS anyone.

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