Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sammy and Callie Meet the Dentist

Here in Washington we have what is called ABCD. It's a pediatric dental program which allows for so many dental appointments, flouride treatments, etc. I decided we better see the dentist before we leave Washington's amazing programs, and so, Monday I took the girls to their first dentist appointment. It was a huge success. The dentist said they had wonderful teeth -- he said Callie's were perfect!

I love pediatric dentist offices. They are so kid friendly.

When I tell Callie to smile, this is the face I get these days.

I couldn't get a picture of Sammy or Callie in the chair as I had to hold them during the checkup. It was no problem -- rather easy which surprised me. But, this is a picture of Callie, looking a bit fish-like with her mouth gaping open like that, as she waited for her turn with the dentist. What a fun trip! Hope we find a fun dentist in California too!


Heather said...

that is great they have such a great dental program up there. I wish that were the case here. I can barely find a dentist that will see a child under 7! No wonder people in the south have the reputation of having bad teeth, they can't go to the dentist until they are 7

Terresa said...

I agree: pediatric dentist offices are great! We love ours, too (especially the cartoons and toys in the waiting room)...

Terresa said...

PS: Thanks for your comment on my blog. (I see my comments via Google reader so even comments on older posts show up. It's great!)

Stop by for a chocolate chip waffle any time!! ;)


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