Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trip to California

A couple weeks ago Samantha and I went to San Jose. We were on a mission. I had decided I was going to get everything set up for her before we got there...or at least get the ball rolling. I heard a lot of "Wow Jenny. You're so prepared." "Wow Jenny. You're so proactive." Those were all very nice, but when I got there, it was nothing like I had planned it out to be. I didn't get anything done that I couldn't have done through the mail. All my plan fell through. And my number one reason for going -- getting her pediatrician established -- fell through. I got to the appointment, and extremely long story short, he didn't see Samantha. It was a very stressful few days, and made me think "Wow Jenny. Maybe you should just take it easy and just roll with things instead of trying to take control." Not that I was trying to control things -- I was just trying to take care of things. Oh the frustration.

Our flight was delayed. While we waited in Seattle, Samantha had a fun time keeping herself occupied. She was squealing and "talking" so loudly that she was echoing off the walls. I didn't even attempt to stop her. Maybe I should have, but I was tired, and there weren't too many people around.

When we got to CA, it was pretty late, somewhere around 11 pm-ish. She was not giving any cute smiles as much as Colin and Analisa tried to get them out of her. But, the one she did let slip out was pretty cute.


mj said...

When do you get here for good?

Beth said...

I loved the video. All cuteness!


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