Monday, March 8, 2010

Sister Appreciation

Well, the bus ride went well, and apparently Sammy has a new boyfriend...but that story to come tomorrow.

For tonight, I must post this video that my brother-in-law, Bryan, and cousin, Jared, put together for Sister Appreciation at BYU. They showed it during ward prayer and it just cracks me up. Literally. I'm crumbling into tiny little pieces as I type.


mj said...

i'll take your novellas anytime. :)

i have to admit...i love that there truly is someone who "knows." you do. and it's comforting. i had so many questions for leah. she smiled. she seemed happy. but i wanted to know more! all those little details in her little enthusiastic voice.

one day.

when we get to heaven you better believe i'll have so many questions for that little girl.

can we get together soon???

Rob and Marseille said...

cute movie! I really want to know what the white board and the note on the piano say.

Holly said...

I think the note on the piano says "have you done something for someone today?


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