Friday, April 23, 2010


Two thousand, one hundred and ninety days.

Three hundred and twelve weeks.

Sixty months.

Five years.

Fourteen birthday celebrations.

Ten states.
(Washington, Utah, California, Michigan, Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon)

Eight months of anticipation for Callie.

Seven nieces and nephews.

Six dinners at Outback Steakhouse.

Five different residences.

Five anniversaries.

Four Christmases.

Three computers.

Three cameras.

Three rings.

Three months in Michigan waiting to bring Callie home.

Two family pictures.

Two kids.

One on the way.
(via adoption. No, this isn't a big announcement)

Two BYU graduations.

Two internships.
(Springville High School and Spokane Mental Health)

Two temple sealings.

Two neurologists.

One plastic surgeon.


One surgery.

One birthmom.

One mom.

One dad.

One camping trip in Arches National Park.

One big trip to Disney World.

One PhD.

One half-marathon.

One car.

One on the way.

One car broken into.

One really cold snowy winter.

One pregnancy and birth.

inspiring Samantha.

One adoption.

One radiant Callie.

One awesome family and One amazing life.

One perfect match.

hopes, dreams, hugs, kisses, friends, smiles, laughs, tears, prayers, hospital visits, therapies, sleepless nights, tired mornings, groggy days, pushes on the swing, trips down the slide, hands held, books read, movies watched, miles driven, and hours spent in pure happiness.

Five down, forever to go.
I love you!


reggstyl said...

Congrats! Love you guys!

Launi said...

happy anniversary, greens! :) i didn't realize our weddings were so close; we celebrate 5 years next friday!

Rose and Daniel said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been 5 years! Seems like just yesterday I was making that trip to California with Bart, Spencer, and Emmi. Oh what a trip! Oh what a wedding! Congratulations! You guys are my inspiration!

Heather said...

way to go on 5 years, it looks like they have boon busy :) congratulations!

maryirene said...

i love it. congrats on 5 years. what wonderful memories.

JAZKK Low said...

WOw! Congrats! I loved this! Man, you guys have A LOT in your first 5 years. We celebrate ours in August. I am excited. :) Yay for Marriage!

Rob and Marseille said...


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