Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the Park with Cousins

It's been so fun to be with my niece and nephews since we've been here. They recently just left for a family trip, and everyday Callie asks me "Where's Alex? I love Alex? Where's Lindsay? I love Lindsay. Where's Ian? I love Ian. Where's Nutmeg? (the dog) She in her cage?" Oh goodness Callie loves her cousins. If she's not saying the above, she's saying "Mommy, where's cousins?" I wish they were still here, but at least while they were Callie was able to spend time with them and love them! Sammy had a lot of fun too. One of the days with them we went to a gorgeous park. I loved it. So did the girls.

Sammy was able to drive around a little bit.

Which was a perfect "toy" for her since she loves spinning things.

And there was a sledding hill (that was huge) that the kids liked rolling down -- and trying to run down. Callie walked up, but was afraid to come down. But alas, down she came. That's one cool thing I miss about Michigan. They have sledding hills throughout the area -- complete with "sledding rules" posted. I should have taken a picture of that.

There was a little "river" or creek that ran through the park. The kids liked walking through that.

Callie loved it.

Anything with rocks and mud makes a good combo for her.

And anything she can dip her head in. I was talking to Lisa, and I look over and see Callie bending over and dipping her head in -- guess she needed to cool off. She's just the cutest little bug! Cuter and cuter everyday.

This trip has been different than we originally planned. My mom ended up getting sick and had emergency surgery last Thursday. She's been in the hospital ever since, recovering, but our plans have been...well, there's been no real plans since she got sick. We've done some things, but for the most part we've just hung around home. Yes, this isn't the Haubert way, however, I feel grateful that we are here for my mom. Marcus has watched the girls everyday so I can go up to the hospital and sit with her for a little bit -- relieving my dad so he can get some things done. Today, perhaps it's because our time is quickly ending, I am filled with so much gratitude for my family and that we are here now -- as not ideal as it is sitting around not doing a ton -- I feel blessed to be sitting with my mom everyday...holding her hand, talking to her, getting her ice chips, calling her friends, sending her emails, etc. After years of her taking care of me, I can take care of her in a sense, even if it's for a short, insignificant amount of time.

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