Monday, July 12, 2010

Southbend Part 2: College Football Hall of Fame

While we were in South Bend, we took the opportunity to pay an overpriced ticket to see the College Football Hall of Fame. I thought it was actually pretty cool, but Marcus apparently was a little disappointed. I don't can't expect too much for that kind of thing. I'm glad we went, but Marcus says he'd never recommend going. So, take it or leave it. Whatever.

BYU nicely represented as you enter.

I'm assuming that Y is for BYU not Yale -- it makes me happier.

Listening to a pep talk from a coach during half time.

Ty Detmer Hall of Famer locker.

Yes, we did find it necessary to take pictures next to anything BYU we found.

Like, Steve Young's face...

and Jim McMahon (who apparently wasn't too kind about BYU in the past -- thus the face from Marcus).

Goodbye South Bend, Indiana. It was fun visiting your rundown, old town. Notre Dame is great, down town is cute...and we had a great date (and a 3 hour drive back).

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