Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Party

Our ward just had their annual Christmas Party -- and even though I kept referring to it as the Ward Halloween Part (I'm really not that dumb to get St. Nick confused with a witch, but I must be on brain overload these days or something), it was quite fun.  There was an incredible band, Santa was there, great food, crafts for the kids.  Great night.

 This face is in no way a reflection of the fun that Callie had that night!

 Santa, in all his glory, appeared and visited with the children.  Sammy told him what she wanted for Christmas using some kind of telepathy.  This is Santa ya know.  He understands her just fine.

 Take 1: And Callie, after talking about Santa ALL DAY LONG, gave him this lovely face.  Santa was excited to see her (he knows her personally), called her by name, did all he could to get a smile from her, but she just looked like this. 

 Take 2:  ahhh forget it.  Santa's at least looking, and under that beard, I'm sure he's smiling.  His eyes are twinkling, so he must be smiling.

 Yeah for Sister Pack who played with Callie a bit.  Callie loves her Nursery leaders and was excited to see her.  But she was always very concerned about finding Brother Pack.  Much to her delight, she found him and he took her around.  I can't tell you how grateful I am for Nursery leaders who are amazing.

Other than the fact that Samantha looks like she's about to strangle Papa and then shoot lasers from her eyes to kill off all witnesses (and he smiles so unaware), she had a good time too.

 The Primary made Sammy her own crown.  She's a little wise man.

At the end of the evening, Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus came into the room (played by Mary, Kevin, and their-new-baby-I-forgot-his-name Isaacson).  All the Primary children followed them around until they ended up at the manger.  Callie joined in.  And Peggy took Sammy to walk around with everyone.  Marcus looked at me like, "Oh boy, Sammy's going to cause some commotion."  But, immediately, my eyes filled up with tears as she went with the other children...following Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.  I was so touched and felt how symbolic that truly is.  To have all the children following so they could come and see Jesus.  Even though Sammy was assisted, she made it to the manger.  It still makes me cry when I think of how tender and innocent and pure these kids are, and that my Sammy and Callie are among those.  I can't avoid this cliche; it really is an honor to be a mother.


Rob and Marseille said...

that is a sweet moment, thanks for sharing.
wait, are those the same Isaacsons as in the 59th ward?

Kimba said...

oh, we missed the part! sad! and his name is samuel. :)

i loved callie's face on santas lap - she looked like she was thinking if she just ignored him he'd go away...

rachel said...

I have the same question as Marseille. Are they the same Isaacsons?

Rob and Marseille said...

Jenny facebooked me and said they are! I think they make a great Mary & Joseph!

TMI Tara said...

Oh such cute pix! I especially love that one of you with Sammy in her crown -- so cute! Glad you're having a fun holiday :)


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