Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Other People's Potties

Callie's been home potty-trained, I call it, for awhile now.  What does that mean?  She'll use the potty only at home.  She had a terribly traumatic experience (though we're not sure what it was) that made her very much afraid of other people's potties.  I didn't push it.  I didn't want to force her.  For the most part, she's been really good at "holding it" until we got home.  I did always have to make sure she tried to go before leaving anywhere, but even when I was a wee lass and using other people's potties, my mom made me "try" before we went anywhere.  When we'd be out, I'd ask her if she needed to go.  I always told her that I'd hold her -- because she was afraid she'd fall in (and rightfully so, my goodness!).  But, she never wanted to use the potty in public or in someone else's home.

In the past few weeks, Callie's made some HUGE break throughs.  She has used other people's potties on several occassions, and even today, she went while we were at the park -- a PUBLIC, kind of scary, potty!  Way to go Callie girl.  And everytime she goes she says, "Mommy, you hold me?"  "Of course Callie."  "Because you love me."  "That's right Callie.  Because I love you."  She says it very matter-of-factly...and I love it.  Today, as we entered the scary park bathroom, she asked with trepidation, "
Mommy?  You hold me?" 
"Yes Callie." 
"You won't let me fall in?" 
"Have I ever let you fall in Sweetie?" 
"I will never let you fall in Callie.  I'll hold you." 
"Because you love me." 

Ahhhhhhh.  Sweet girl.  And pee she went in the potty. 

In addition to her ability to now use the bathrooms in different locations outside of her secure, familiar potty at home, she has been napping without a diaper.  We haven't had one accident.  I had noticed that her diaper was dry for awhile now after naps, so we just didn't put it on one day...we haven't gone back. 

Oh, she's growing up...and what's worse...she's called me "Mom" many many times now in the past 2 days!  My baby girl is growing up.


Missy said...

What a sweet girl! How nice that she is potty trained and doing a great job:)

Heidi said...

Oh, so so sweet! What a charmer she is. Peter was afraid of public potties for a long time. He still prefers to hold it but it's more of a germophobe thing than anything else. If he only knew how dirty our pot is compared to the public ones he would be scared to use it, too!

Lori and Matt said...

Brayden has dropped "mommy" too- like it's not cool anymore or something! I'm just mom.... it makes me a little sad!

Yeah for potty success! We need to get back on it!


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