Saturday, February 25, 2012

Squid for Dessert

One day, Callie wasn't eating her oatmeal and Marcus tried to entice her by offering her squid for dessert if she finished it.  Maybe calling his bluff, or maybe actually genuinely interested in the squid, Callie accepted the dessert.  Marcus took her to the computer to show her what a squid looked like. 

"Callie, see that?  Do you still want to eat some squid?"

Off to our first Asian Market.  Notice the excitement on her face as Sammy whistles a tune. 

 There we did find something that we thought was squid -- or maybe octopus -- but we were unsure since we can't read Chinese.  She was pretty happy about it though and wanted to take it home right then and cook that baby up!

 Asian Market #2 -- downtown and a little more authentic.  It was kind of a cool place, but we were a little embarrassed as Callie kept loudly asking "Where's the squid?!  Daddy, where's the squid?"  There we saw some REAL live squid.  Marcus again asked, "Callie, do you want to eat that?"

 Fun fact: The giant squid has the biggest eye ball in the world.  Gross.  I was all for buying squid, but I wasn't prepared to bring this friend home, cut it, and cook it up.  So, we looked for a better option.
 Squid Nuggets.  Mother approved. 

We are yet to cook them since we were told we cannot cook them while others are in the house.  Callie patiently awaits the day when we can cook these and she can have her squid dessert. be continued...

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