Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy First Day

Well, we're at Now I Can and Samantha is screaming. 


Yesterday was blissful.  I mean, truly.  I couldn't be-lieve how calm she was.  Stretches?  Suuuure.  Why not?  She was smiling and happy.  Yes, she complained, but she was so compliant.  Perhaps it was the lack of sleep last night?  hmmm  May have something to do with it. 

Yeah, this was yesterday.  I haven't even taken any pictures today.  I mean, why when she's just a fuss bucket?  So, perhaps she'll feel better soon when I give her a snack.  Poor girl though, she really did have a rough night.  Aaaand, as I type, she's already calming down.  Phew.

So, as of yesterday anyway, I was so impressed with Samantha's progress.  Meaning: last time we were here, she was sooo tight.  Stretching didn't seem to bother her as much.  Her biceps were much looser so they didn't have to pull as tight, and during some of these positions that she HATED last time, she was just chill...smiling, and cute as can be.  Way to go Sammy.

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