Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sammy's Class

I love Samantha's school, and she loves it too.  She really does.  I can tell when I take her, she is happy to be there.  Her classroom is filled with love.  She has to work, and work hard, but it is fun for her and I think she knows she is loved.  I think all the kids in her class feel that.  

When I go to Sammy's class for some kind of activity, I try to take pictures of all the kids and email them to their parents.  Here are just a few of the kids I got.  I think they are so so beautiful.  And I wonder...when I look into their eyes...what are they thinking?  What do they want to say that they can't? 

Callie loves Sammy's class too.  She loves joining in on the songs and being a part of the class.  I feel really blessed that Samantha was able to get into Argonaut Elementary.  We were just kind of placed there, but the school psychologist had mentioned that she thought it was the best fit for Sammy.  Now, after being there a couple years, I see why parents wait in line to get their kids there.  It's fantastic.

Sammy's teachers, aides, and therapists are what make the class what it is.  We definitely have a super supportive administration, but it's who works with the kids everyday that makes the class so great.  

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