Friday, November 1, 2013

This is Halloween

This year we headed down toward Morgan Hill and hit up Spina Farms.  We went on a Saturday.  Yikes.  But it was fun.  

 Pony Rides
(is she already a teenager?  look at that sass)

More pumpkins.

and a hayride.
That was a big hit.

Micah.  Check out his pose!  Very GQ.

I made Micah's costume this year.  Callie wanted to be a firefighter with Sammy and Micah was to be their dalmatian dog.  When I put it on him, I realized that this cute little face looked a lot more like a cow than a dog.  And, I wasn't the only one who thought that.  At the ward party, people kept saying he was such a cute cow, except for Christine who generously lavished him/me with compliments, "That is the cutest DALMATIAN I've ever seen!"  It brought me joy every time:)  

In the "fire truck"/wagon for the costume parade.

This year, it broke my heart that I wasn't going to be in Sammy's class for her Halloween party, but I was soooo excited to be at Callie's!  I couldn't get any smiles out of her during the parade...

until I got a series of these....

which made me laugh.

I stayed for her class Halloween party and helped with some games.  So fun!

Halloween Night
Much anticipated.
Here we have the firefighters with their dalmatian!

And for trick or treating, Captain America joined us.
We were pretty well protected against any evil-doers with Captain America, 2 firefighters, and a mighty dalmatian.

Callie was so eager to go and we were just too slow.  So she took the truck and went forward!  
Note: When I got her costume, it fit.  In a few weeks time, she grew so much!  I couldn't believe it.  Callie's one tall girl.

I just kind of love this picture!

We hope it was a fun Halloween for all!
Until next year...


Amelia said...

Adorable!! I can't believe how much she grew in a few weeks?! That's insane! Future volleyball star! :) And Micah has sure grown up tons too!

Rob and Marseille said...

the red wagon/fire truck is perfect! Captain america looks so much like marcus (this is the first time i've noticed it). what a cute little nephew and children you guys have.

maryirene said...

what a fun idea. you are so cool and your kids are so cute. love you!


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