Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big Brother

When I took this video weeks ago, I just thought it was cute.  I had been spinning Micah and Sammy around on the chair and they were having fun together.  When I stopped, Micah got down and continued the adventure.

I thought it was cute.

I thought it was sweet.

As I watched today, I still think those things.  I think it's a little comical how Micah is the little brother, yet there is nothing little about him.  He's a tank (that's what he should have been for Halloween ~ instead of a dalmatian dog that looks like a cow!).  And Sammy....well...in many ways she'll always be the little sister.

That could be sad.  But, she's such a blessing.  Among many blessings she brings to our home, because of her, we have these amazing little spirits who have come to our home.  Callie and Micah are here, I think, both because of -- and for -- Samantha.

I talked to a friend last night who grew up with a brother who has many physical challenges.  She talked about how she cared for him as they grew up together.  I told her my concern that Sammy's siblings would feel a burden.  She emphatically jumped in and said how she never felt that way...how her brother was always a blessing...how he was someone uniquely special to her.  It brought me a lot of comfort.

I look at this video and see Micah, at 1 year old, spinning Sammy around.  But I think this is really just a glimpse into his and Sammy's future together -- as brother and sister.  He looking out for her...taking care of her...being the "big brother" that Heavenly Father sent him to be.  What does age matter?  I think there is no question that Micah will always be her big brother!

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