Tuesday, September 9, 2014

So Little

Callie at about 2 weeks old

I came across this picture tonight, and holy smokes!  Callie was sooo little.  All 4 pounds of her, curled up with her little legs and cute toes.  She was even smaller than Sammy!  This was only a few days after she was placed in my arms.  In this picture, she's wearing some preemie clothes and bundled in a blanket that the adoption agency gave her.  It was so soft.  I loved that blanket, but it wasn't properly finished and quickly  unraveled.  It's half it's size now, while Callie is about 7x bigger than she was in this picture!

It's always amazing to me to think that each of us was once this tiny little bundle of possibility and personality...some of us tinier than others.  Times goes so quickly.  Callie will be 7 before I know it. Micah will be 2 this week.

I'm getting too old for this growing up business.  Everyone!  Just slow down and stay little already!

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