Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting Away from Politics, and Back to Our Daily Lives

I feel like I need to get back to the real reason I started this blog to begin with...Samantha, and now Callie. I'll get some pictures up of the apartment once our bedrooms get picked up. Promise.

When my parents were in UT, they took up to This Is The Place Park in SLC. It was neat. And, what was really fun and surprising was to run into an old and great friend, Alex, from Hungary. She was there with Agi, visiting from Hungary, and it was so good to see her and be able to rendes-ly say goodbye. (Those aren't what my eyes normally look like in my suglasses. If you zoom in, you'll see that those are the legs of my parents and Marcus. It makes me look freakishly strange.)

Callie intently listening to Grammy Green talk to her on the phone. Whenever we hand her the phone, she stops what she's doing and just stares and she listens. It's pretty funny.

Marcus in his new office. Since then he's gotten some books up and such.

Before we moved here, everyone told us about the Radio Flyer wagon that we had to see. It definitely is huge.

And Samantha giggled everytime we went down the handle/slide.

This past weekend, they had what is called Pig Out at the Park. Down along the river, tons of restuarants set up shop and people just come and eat. I met a woman who drove 3 hours with her family to come to it. It's a pretty big deal. 29 years of piggin' out in the park. We went down there to check it out. We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to see everything and to see a bit of our new city.

The other day, Samantha and Callie were playing while I was preoccupied unpacking a few of our last boxes. All of a sudden it got really quiet, and I got really nervous thinking Samantha was having a seizure. I got up and ran over to see that Samantha was eating something off of the floor. Somehow, she had managed to shake the table enough that her little cup of cut up fruit had fallen over and landed on the floor. She was just enjoying a small snack. Callie was watching her big sister and trying to participate but couldn't seem to keep a grip on the slippery peach chunk. Partly in relief, but also at the sheer cuteness of the sight, I started laughing. Samantha looked up, and with a peach bulging in her left cheek, she smiled and started giggling with me. What a mess! (If you look closely, you can see a peach by Callie.)

How she got the cup of fruit to the floor I'll never know.

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rachel said...

Yay, how fun to see pictures of you guys and your new place! I especially love the fruit pictures :)


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