Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Book Thief

My last book, most likely, of 2009 was fabulous. I've read some great books this year and this did not muddy up my list one bit. I loved this book. I truly loved this book. LOVED it. I did cry, but I also laughed and longed to know the characters more. It left me thinking a lot about these people who I had come to know. I felt very deeply for these characters. I just loved it loved it loved it and suggest it to everyone! The most interesting part was that to me, though this took place during WWII, it was not about WWII. It was background to the real story. And the perspective it is written in is so unique. Once again, loved it. Read it people.

"A mysterious narrator gives an account of a young girl who has an unusual vice: she steals books. Death comes for the girl’s brother as she and her mother wait for a train to take them to a foster home where the children will be safe. It is he, the collector of souls, who is the only witness to the girl’s first thievery, and he begins to follow her story.

Life in Liesel’s new home is a difficult adjustment, plagued with nightmares, but through them, she and her foster father form a bond through reading the book Liesel has stolen: a grave-digger’s manual. As Liesel grows, over and over written words touch her life: abook stolen from the embers of a Nazi bonfire, from the mayor’s library, written to her by a man in hiding.

Death follows her story as a foreigner in her world, relaying the sequences of events with raw imagery and striking language, often creating the feel of a black-and-white picture with one color highlighted through it. Liesel’s journey is both joyful and heart-rending, harsh and beautiful. This is the most unusual World War II story I’ve ever read."

(This summary was taken directly from this website.)


Marci said...

Jen, I just finished this book too. It's been on my list FOREVER and I finally did it. Finished it about two weeks ago. I also thought the perspective was unique and a little sad, but ultimately perfect for a WW2 book.

Just finished The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale. I LOVES THIS BOOK. Yes, I just wrote LOVES. We'll pretend it was on purpose. :) It was fabulous! Real life stuff. I love how the main character is mormon without being obnoxiously so. How the whole deal is not to push any mormon agenda, she simply is mormon. Ya know? It's fabulous. I laughed. A lot. Out loud. I cried. A lot. Tear up still thinking about certain parts. I love that it didn't end cliche. I loved it. Loved it.

Most of all, Thank you Shannon Hale for putting a book out there in the public eye (aka NOT written for good ole deseret book) that simply has a main character that is LDS. That deals with some spiritual things. That laughs at silly mormon things. That makes light of other matters that are not a big deal. That takes seriously some weightier matters without hitting anyone over the head with "you should be a mormon" schtick. That respects other people's religious views - or lack thereof.

It was so refreshing. I think I'll reread it for the sheer pleasure.

And I NEVER reread books. :)

Pick it up. Guarantee that you won't be able to put it down until you've finished it.

Kilee said...

I loved this book too! It made our Book Club list for next year so it will be fun to read again and discuss. Glad you enjoyed it.


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