Saturday, December 5, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Last night we went to get our Christmas tree -- and it really felt like Christmas to me. This year has been different because we are already here, physically. There will be no traveling or anticipation of travel...and it's fabulous...but it has also delayed my holiday feeling. Christmas carols have helped, but last night as we got into the car and left the house, it really felt like Christmas.

As you can see in this little video, Sammy was pretty excited to go tree shopping. It is a short clip, but she was jumping throughout the whole parking lot.

And there's nothing like a good chain-saw to make one smile and giggle. Yes, it really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas.


Lowrylore said...

Hi Jenny,
I is great to see the videos of your girls growing up and experiencing the world! They are both beautiful. Thanks for your comment on our blog about the earth. Is it ok if I copied your idea and took the utube video of the earth and put it on ours? I am so bummed that I did not get to meet you guys while you were so close. Mike told me we missed you by a day when you were living in Spokane. We'll catch up with you I'm sure at some point. You 2 are inspiring and i can't wait to meet you and your husband. Take care and have a great Christmas together! Brooke Lowry

Nathan and Rebecca Scott said...

Getting a Christmas tree definitely helps me feel more like it is Christmas time too. We just got ours this evening. Yay!


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